For any OG’s out there, you’ll know I’m the epitome of ‘Sleep Queen’. Other than in my teens or at Uni when I’d sleep in until 4pm and wonder why I’m not sleeping at night, I have never struggled to sleep. I’ve got a little bit of a night time routine, I get my 8-9 hours in most nights and I can just about fall asleep on demand (sometimes even way earlier than I’d like – soz Charlie)

Despite all of this positive sleep energy, I usually reaaaaalllly struggle to wake up in the morning and 9 times out of 10, I wake up pissed off that I’ve had to get up. Mainly because I’m getting up to go to work but that’s a side issue…

This week my work load has doubled so I made it my mission to get into work an hour earlier to have a peaceful hour where I’m less likely to be asked 430985 shitty questions. I’m on day 4 and today woke up the easiest I have done in a long time.

Having a routine and waking up at the same time definiteeeely helps and I genuinely feel better for it  (Even if I am out like a light by 10:30).

Wake up with enough time – I mean, no brainer, but you’ll be surprised the amount of morning’s I give myself 10 minutes to get out of the door. Like, how do I even expect my body to catch up? Even giving myself half an hour means I can get changed, try and make myself look half presentable, have some water and one day last week I even caught up on the remaining Love Island I missed the night before and it was life changing. Imagine actually achieving something before you get into work. Mind blown.

Throwback to when I went to the gym before work for like 2 weeks – lol, good times.

Tip 2 is to sleep with some light. In the summer months, it’s obviously a lot easier to wake up as the sun’s out from 4:30am and it’s 30 degree heat. But waking up to natural sun light, I’m pretty sure has been scientifically proven to get you up in a better mood. I am not buzzing for dark mornings AT.ALL.

Prepare your clothes the night before. This is a habit I’ve always tried to do but recently noticed the difference in my mood when I don’t do it. Ever tried everything on in your wardrobe in a rush and deciding everything makes you look like you’re half dead, fully obese or like you’ve raided your wardrobe from when you were 14? Just me? This calls for shitty mood and urge to buy clothes you probably don’t need. Although I can confirm that NOTHING fits me anymore.

Tip 3 – Think about something good about yesterday and something you’re looking forward to today. If I had time to keep a morning journal I definitely would but other than try to remember how to function, I do make the effort to remember something positive on my journey into work. There’s nothing worse than waking up and thinking ‘nah, nothing is worth it today’. Make it your mission to think about one positive thing every morning. Even if it’s ‘I am buzzing for my coffee when I get in’

Get some food down ya – Maybe a topic for another blog but this week I’ve also been following a meal plan and best part about it is not having to constantly wonder about what I’m going to eat next. I’m very bad at having breakfast and will often go until 1/2pm without eating which makes me sooo hangry. Having something to eat and drink in the morning 100% has made a different to my mood. I mean I’m still constantly hungry but at least I feel good about having sat down to eat something half decent. Everyone at work have been very impressed with my eggs. I’ve made it.


Mostly, it’s about finding out what works for you. If you can get up with 10 minutes spare and still feel like you’ve got your shit together then kudos – I’ll have what you’re having.



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