Oh hey Monday, it’s you again.

I come with serioooous Monday blues today – I’m battling with myself to get through the same routine at work, not worry about money and home and trying not to count my days away even though I am so so desperate for pay day and some time off.

I’ve been trying to reflect on last week and it’s one of the hardest lists I’ve had to create in a long time. Not that last week was necessarily ‘bad’ but trying to pin point moments that I felt legit happy felt super hard. I think that’s important though, especially when everything feels so ‘samey’. I went about my days last week without really stopping to think about what I appreciated or felt grateful for and then all of a sudden it’s Monday again and I feel fuming that nothing really happened. Despite this, I’m sat with my cupppaa, sweating in the office as it’s still a billion degrees in London, thinking back to what did make me happy, because there were things. It’s just easy to forget intt it.

Getting My Car Back – I’d spent the previous 2 and a half weeks getting public transport which although made a nice change, was a draaaaain by the end and after a pain in the arse process of getting my car fixed and MOT’d, it’s finally sorted and back with me. Next on the list is to sell it and upgrade because as much as it’s been a right babe, it’s burning a hole in my back pocket like no tomorrow. Onwards and Upwards!

Mini Milks – Throwing it back to a childhood fav but I am currently obsessssed with Mini Milks and at 30 calories, I wouldn’t opt for anything else whilst we are heatwaving. Maybe doesn’t justify having 3220398 a week but I’m sticking with it.

World Cup – Touchy subject after the result, but whilst I was stuck at home watching the semi-finals due to no money, I was grateful that us girls got involved and spent the full 90+ minutes having a panic over Whatsapp. I’m grateful that whenever things feel shitty, they instantly make a bad situation a hilarious one.

Pub Lunch – What better way to forget about money troubles by spending what you don’t have on a glass of red and some chicken and chips at lunch. Absolutely no regrets.

The Weather – I’ll moan about the heat because erm helllooo, I’m british, but I’m crazy happy that the summer is still with us because if it was grey and miserable I’d be helllllllla stressed out about getting up in the morning.

Flowetics – I haven’t been able to squeeze in an exercise class for a couple of weeks so felt so good getting back to Flowetics with Faye last week. Although it’s only an hour, it’s one of those classes that make me feel instantly good about myself which if all exercise was like that, I’d be laughing.

Losing 2 pounds – On a half related note, I’ve spent the past month fluctuating trying to reach my goal for the end of summer and after a downer of a two weeks, comfort eating, not losing anything and thinking WHYYYYY IS THIS SO HARD. I lost 2 pounds last week making my total loss so far 5 pounds. I meaaaan I know that that basicalllly could have been a fluke but I’ma take it anyway as I now feel half motivated to carry on.

Ascot – The highlight of the week came on Saturday when I spent the day with Charlie and his family at the races at Ascot. Always such a nice day, it felt good to let go of the week with a couple of bottles of champagne and a cute evening in the garden.

Lazy Sunday – It’s been a while since I let myself be a little bit lazy and Sunday was the perfff end to the week. Bit of food shopping, a good tidy up and lots of Sunday movies.


July has been one of those mute months; I’ve had the most lovely weekends but come Monday I’m already counting down the days to Friday and that’s the worst feeling – feeling like it’s been a bit of a ‘nothing’ month. I am so so excited for August to start fresh, enjoy some time off work, re-evaluate my life and plan ahead to make the rest of 2018 the best one.

We’ll see.



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