I’m so tired today so it’s more than likely this post is going to be me just blabbing on about good times but it’s 4pm on a Thursday, I’ve just had my afternoon coffee and cake and I’m going for a curry tonight with my girls. So I’m pretty buzzing with life.

I have been super stressed and things have been super sad but this past bank holiday, I made it my mission to spend time with my favourite people, avoid wasted days with hangovers and have a well-deserved rest.

…And when I say rest, what actually happened was I spent most of my time walking, eating, dancing and drinking alcohol (which all counts)

On Saturday morning after taking the day off work on Friday to do nothing but shop, myself and my best girl Gabrielle took to the road for a night in Oxford. I’ve never been but it’s always been on my list and despite making the most of it, I’m sad we could only stay the night.

We arrived in town, taking advantage of the park and ride (which ermm why isn’t that more of a thing in London plz) and naturally walked in the first shop we saw, spent some money and stopped for a very needed coffee and strawberry tart in Paul’s. It was heavenly and set us up for a day of shopping and taking in the sights.

There’s something about wandering a town without much of an aim that makes crawling from a café, to a bar and to a pub the best kind of days.

We ventured to the Covered Markets which I loooved and then had a nose at the river where crowds assembled for a boat ride. Had we had more time, we would have tackled the queue but of course, roof-top drinks awaited! Super lucky with the weather, I’m pleased we stumbled upon The Varsity Club (Hidden away in the Covered Markets btw) as it was on my list to visit. With amazing views of the city and what looked like a fab range of cocktails and food, the venue not only boasted lots of space, the roof-top bar was the cherry on the cake to a beaut day.

After some more window shopping, we hunted for some lunch and opted for pub grub at The Crown. Super cute outside area and very good burgers. With that and a glass of Pimms’, we were very ready to call it a day and go back to our hotel for a swim in the spa and dinner.

Based just outside Oxford, the Witney Oxford Hotel had all of the essentials (include arsed neighbours) , our three-course dinner was decent and was steps away from the town of Whitney where Gabs and I basically ended up in a club after arranging to go for a couple of civilised cocktails. Classic.

I had the most lovely weekend catching up with my friend and was exactly what I needed.

I then got home on Sunday and despite having driven home with a stinking hangover, decided to YOLO and go all day drinking by the river in Wandsworth which was very worth it and the funniest night.

A few things to come out of my weekend –

  • My sliders from Primark STILL give me blisters but I still can’t part ways
  • I forgot how good a drunk Mcdonalds is
  • I’m going back to Oxford for a long weekend and making the most of every quirky restaurant
  • I’m almost certain having Instagram is a rule when getting into Ship
  • Dancing in front of good looking famous people after 334069 pints of Pimm’s is in no way embarrassing
  • Dancing to songs we can sing along to is the only kind of clubbing I can cope with
  • Clubbing in Whitney is open to all ages…
  • I want to go swimming more (Or at least sit in a steam room more)
  • All day drinking leads to the end of your bank balance
  • Life is so much better when you say ‘Yes’

On a scale of 1 to excited, I’m very ready for the weekend and I’ve been back to work for basically 2 days. God help me. June is going to be crazy busy but I’m looking forward to lots of cute plans.

Enjoy your evening! I’m off to drown myself in Dansak!



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