Happy Friday!

Me again – It’s kinda fun not knowing when I’m going to ever post again isn’t it? (I’m rolling my eyes here in case you couldn’t tell)

In my last catch up I told myself that I’d make May a happy one, stay positive and do all the things that make 8-5 at work and home life bearable. It’s been bloody toughhhh but actually despite a few bad days, I’ve stayed pretty happy, focused on me and decided not to worry. Life has a habit of doing what it wants anyway.

In the interest of staying positive, I thought that instead of ranting about what I’ve been up to, I’d share what I have been loving. It’s a mixed bunch so bear with me.

Nakd Peanut Delight

I am a big fan of Nakd bars annyyyday of the week but these are a game changer. Think a Snickers bar without the guilt. Perfect with a cuppa when the 4pm slump makes you wanna crawl under your desk.


In the spirit of the Royal Wedding (or in my case anyway) Charlie and I have picked up where we left Suits two years ago and I’m so excited that it’s back in my life. We’ve started from Season 5 but it feels like we never left ❤

Sims on mobile

Don’t judge but there’s only so much online window shopping I can do without getting depressed so Sims has made a comeback and I am maybe too obsessed with making my Sim ‘Woo-hoo’. I’m 25 I promise.

Marc Jacobs, Decadence

My dad jetted off on holiday at the beginning of the year and brought me back Marc Jacobs, Decadence and I can’t cope with how good and how summary. Think, watermelon in a bottle*

*It might not actually have notes of watermelon but that’s what I’m getting alright.

Butter Mint Twining’s tea

Since trying the peppermint ultra slimming diet tea in Uni, I have forever been haunted by mint flavoured tea. Maybe I have just matured and forgotten the distant memories of the extreme antioxidant but I’m cured (thank god) and I am loving Twinning’s new Butter mint tea. It’s peppermint with vanilla and toffee and it’s pretty beaut for an after lunch tea.

Pink Gin

On a different spectrum to a cuppa, I have also been obsessed with Pink Gin, specifically Rhubarb and Ginger by Edinburgh. Doesn’t need an explanation – just v. good.

Sliders from Primark

Who doesn’t love a good slider and who doesn’t love a £5 good slider, that’s what I wanna know?! I have lived in mine and although the rough start with the painful blisters, we’ve now learned to love each other.

‘Life’s A Peach’ Blush from L’Oréal

A couple of months ago, I revamped a few of my high street make up staples and this made the cut. Not only does it smell like peaches and makes me happy with every use, it’s also a lush colour and perfect for Spring days (But in large it’s mainly about the good smell…)

Collection Glam Crystals Liquid Eye shadow

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about a metallic liquid eye shadow – something I have never been brave enough to try but I actually love this. Super pigmented, nice and cheap and lasts all day. Winner.


So that rounds that up. I’m off now to head home, get ready and go eat my body weight in pasta with the girls. Enjoy the weekend and talk soon.



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