It’s taken me almost a month to be sat at my desk with a class of red wine, half 5 on a Thursday to not feel completely overwhelmed by life. I am sorry it’s taken so long to post, I genuinely put together a month long plan of half decent content and then I get so busy that all I ever find the time to do is post rants about how busy I have been and I meaaaan as much as I love being there to listen to other people’s rants, I dunno if reading a constant moan about my life is really that interesting for you.

Don’t care though because I’m going to do it anyway.

My god, life has been bloody mental. I went a good 3 weeks dreading work and crying in the toilets; honestly I think I just got really terrified at being absolute shit at what I do and worked myself too hard. As you can see from today’s opening, I’m getting better at deciding when I have done enough, prioritising my work, getting better at saying no and basically just realising that I can only do what I can do and plzzzzzz, do I get paid enough to spend hours crying in the toilets avoiding terrible clients? Nah, I don’t think so.

Work aside, I’ve also had a very happy month, I’ve been busy with the girls and with the boyf and the sun has been out and I’ve lost maybe like 4 pounds and I upgraded my TV to a big 4K one and what more can you really need from life?! Other than a place to myself, because I’m not about this living at home life anymore.


I thought that as it’s been a while and I seem to have survived the worst and started May on a high, I’d give you a cheeky list of things I’ve been doing to keep me happy and at least a tiny bit less stressed.


I’ve been waking up a whole hour earlier. I’m not doing anything decent with that and I’m still giving myself 15 minutes to leave the house in the morning before work but I’m able to get to work before everyone else, avoid 3049580 questions, organise my life, have a coffee (and sometimes a banana if I’m feeling proper mental) and it has made SUCH a difference to how productive I am able to be for the rest of the day. Winning.


Being more social – Don’t get me wrong, I can’t afford to live the life I’m currently living but making sure I spend a couple of evenings a week away from home, eating out or having a drink or hiding out at Charlie’s makes me happier, it means I’m less likely to put myself to bed at 7pm (Which I still love every now and then let’s be honest) and I don’t feel like all I ever do is sleep, work and cry. Lol.


I’ve been doing my best to make sure I give myself some time to read and I’ve been loving it. I finally finished a book that had been on the shelf since Christmas and I’m currently loving Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.


Not feeling guilty. Attitude goes a long way and not only have I actively tried to be more positive, I’ve also been doing my best to not feel guilty for treating myself or doing things for me.


Making plans. Unlike last year when I jet off abroad 3 times and spent numerous weekends away, I haven’t got any exotic holiday plans this year (At least maybe not until the end of the year anyway) I’m trying to budget but I’ve found it sooo important to still make affordable plans and not say ‘No’ when I feel like I need a break. I have a cute weekend in Oxford planned, me and Charlie have a couple of outings and nights away booked and I’m going camping for a week in August and even though I don’t plan on getting the passport out, I’m excited for the next few months which has definitely made a difference to how I feel.

I really hope that now I half have my shit together that I can half get my shit together on the blog.

Stay happy and I’ll see you soon hunnys.



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