Oh god, it feels like a lifetime away since I last sat down to write a post – in fact it most likely was. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in telling you what I have been up to so I’ll keep today short.

I feel the busiest I have ever been and I’m probably the poorest. Not because I’m being this ultra social queen and spending my dollar on brunches and asos hauling but because this year, I have the most debt I feel like I have ever had (except maybe for uni) I’m drastically trying to pay shit back and save to move on and I’m running thin. Every spare penny of my salary is being ridiculously budgeted so that I can do the things I most enjoy, spend time with people I love and I’m super happy and grateful that despite the stress that money gives me, I still live the best life. Last year I jetted off on 3 holidays, I splurged on gifts and I treated myself and this year is just different. It’s only a year and I know I’ll be okay. It’s just the getting there.

I spent Easter break at my dad’s at the seaside- again it was only one weekend ago but I can’t even remember feeling that relaxed. It wasn’t the weekend we all expected and the rain came along with us but I spent some quality time with two of my favourite men and it was exactly what I needed.

This weekend it was my mum’s birthday and I feel fullllly in love with how things are again. We are never perfect; I live with my poorly Nan that knows exactly when to pick her moments and we’re learning to get on with it. I slightly feel like I have my family back again and it makes such a difference to how at home I feel, even when it’s just me and mum.

It does feel like a typical Monday though. I spent the day at work counting the hours until I could get home, jump in the bath and into my pjs, watch a girly movie and binge eat my left over chocolate eggs. I needed this evening to not feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing. Although I have put a wash on… Absolute domestic goddess. 

I have such an exciting week as I’m off to see/stalk Harry bloody Styles with my best friend and I’m having date night at the cinema and I’m spending time with my girls and then I’m looking forward to a fairly quiet April.

I have a blog plan back in place so now I’ve just gotta sort my life out and make sure I’m getting some me time to write them. I’ll get there.

For now it’s just me working it all out. Still waiting for the sun. You’re taking your timeeee bbz.

Speak soon.



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