In the past two weeks I was meant to have posted a couple of really meaningful blogs about life plans and living so close to dementia and although they are posts that I still want to air some day, today felt more like a catch up day. I finished work at 7pm after all day client meeting and my brain is fried.

The last couple of weeks have been manic and I’ve really struggled to keep up. I’m slowly starting to accept that I’m basically going to be tired for the rest of my life which seems like a proper laugh and I’m not completely sure whether all of this is worth it.

I’m panicking about money and trying to micro plan my finances for the year and when it comes down to it, I’m most happiest when I’m binge spending money on a weekend with my girls or drunk bidding in a charity auction (I’ll give Charlie the credit for that one) or planning holidays and exciting weekends and currently giving myself £100 to live off every month when I go to work for over 40 hours a week is soul destroying.

I don’t know where to find the balance between being sensible and saving every penny I have and making sure I’m not missing out on life.

I needed this weekend in London with my girls. Even though I spent most of Saturday cramping like no tomorrow because ermmm why now that I’m 25 has my body decided to bloat?! I’m glad I sucked it up, got a gin down me and spent some time catching up with my favourite people. They are my favourite days and I left on Sunday feeling positive that despite spending my last pennies (and then some) and that I could have easy decided to call it a night and go home, I have the bestest friends to talk life through with.

I want to tell you about everything else that has happened since our last catch up but March already feels so blurred I don’t know where to start.

I had the cutest night early this month for my friend Emma’s Charity Ball to raise money for Alzheimer’s and it never fails to be an amazing night with my girls from home and our partners. Charlie was drunk before we arrived and after one too many beers won us a hotel stay and a three course carvery so I was pretty buzzing that we were able to come home with something other than a hangover and that we helped raise so much for a cause that means so much to not only me, but Emma too.

I feel like March has been a sad month for many reasons that I won’t go into but also March feels long and cold, like we’re all waiting for something to arrive but convinced that if it ever will.

I need to try get myself out of this little hole. I started the year so positive but if I think about it enough, I easily let myself get lazy and regret it when I do. A bit of sun, some healthy food, a good facial and a few days to rest might do it. I am counting the days for the Easter break for a few days by the seaside.

I hope to get back to posting real content again soon so bare with me whilst I sort my life out. I’ll get there eventually.

Enjoy your week huns.



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  1. HONESTLY cannot relate to this post more. I’m struggling to find the balance between letting my hair down and being sensible. I think we’ll all feel a bit better when we get a bit more warm weather! x x

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