Friends, it’s Monday again. And that can only mean two things; one – I’m at home comfort eating Mcdonalds and ice cream and binge watching the Kardashian’s to get over the trauma of Monday and two; it’s time for either a catch up or a look back at what made me happy last week and in this case, you get both. Lucky you.

I have had the cutest week which looking back after a stressful day, makes me feel all fuzzy inside. To be fair, how can you not feel fuzzy inside with pancake day and Valentine’s in the same week?!

But here goes.


I hadn’t seen my baby nephew for over a week so I was super glad I had the time to pop in last Monday to basically stare at him whilst he sleeps. I am so in love every time I see him and was good to catch up with my brother’s girlfriend, have a cupppa tea, moan about boys and talk about babies for an hour. It’s the simple things.


It wouldn’t be a normal month without a catch up with my favourite girls Faye & Emma and we went basic with a Zizzi as it’s for sure my high street guilty pleasure. Despite it being Shrove Tuesday, I made room for a gin and tonic, seafood risotto and tonnnes of gossip with the girls and was beaut as always.


Sometimes it’s about sharing your happiness to make others feel good and knowing that my mum would wake up on Valentine’s with surprise flowers made me happy. I’m thankful for my mum everyday and despite all the dramas and the way life has turned out, she’s still a bit of alright.


This year, myself and Charlie spent Valentine’s cooking dinner, drinking wine and making pancakes and it was exactly what we needed. He makes me happy every day but there’s something about knowing you can be soppy and not be bov’d that makes Valentine’s pretty fab.


Not only are half days at work my favourite but I’m a big fan of leaving work knowing you won’t be back for 3 and a half days (cry to be back) but for Christmas, I got Charlie tickets to see Khalid at Hammersmith Apollo so we made an evening of it, went to Wagamama which makes me v. happy but also we had the cuttttteeeest night singing along to our fav and having a drink. It came around so quickly and was over in basically 45 minutes but my god, was it good. Even the hour queue outside (maybe, ish)


Friday’s off are a dreaaam and both myself and Charlie took the day off for a day date so we took his nephew Aaron to the natural history museum.Despite it being family chaos thanks to half term, it was the best day to do something different. I hadn’t been to the museum since I was little so experiencing it with two of my favs was perfect. Still can’t feel my feet though, lol.


Last week it was sunny kids and I’m a better person when the sun is out. Yes, it’s still -1 degrees but the blue skies made me crazy happy and excited for spring.


Pahaha, feeling like the biggest loser as I write this but I spent my Saturday being lazy, watching friends and creating a good ol’ spreadsheet with all my finances and Jesusssss, it felt good to do something productive. It’s got pretty colours, clever formulas and even though I now know I’m going to be poor until basically September at least I can plan my year without having an emergency panic.


On Saturday night I ventured out to stay at my best friends’ in Leyton and I needed it for sureee. Some of my favourite nights are spent with a gin and tonic (ps. Rhubarb and Ginger is life) a good takeaway,nattering about our old lives, new lives and future plans and it was cute to spend the night in basically doing nothing with Gabs. Although I did watch a lot of Saturday night TV which was actually pretty bliss.


We’ve been obsessssed with The Killing on Netflix and even though it’s not the most cheerful of box sets, Charlie and I spent Sunday binge watching, finished season 2 and loooved it. Not only are lazy Sunday’s what the weekends are about, but getting into a series you can’t stop watching, having a cuddle and stuffing my face with sticky toffee pudding makes me a very happy gal.


So that’s me. I’m feeling positive at the moment as if I don’t force myself to think about all of the good, I’d go mental. Work is stressful as ever, I’m trying my best to balance going to the gym and listening to my body when it needs it. I’m using all the willpower in the world to sort my finances out and save but I’m also so excited that March is coming, I’m in love with my friends and I’m giddy as ever about my boyfriend. I’m ready to tackle the week and make it just as beaut.

What makes you happy?



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