I’ll say two things; HOW is it still January and where has the time gone? I feel like I came into 2018 saying that I’d be better – write more. I’ve been so caught up in trying to survive January, that I haven’t made time to do much else. BUT ANYWAY, it’s Saturday, I’m in bed with a coffee before I get up for the day, I have a cute night planned with my favourite girls, I’m getting my nails done which is so needed and I’m looking forward to moving on with the year. 2018 is about moving forward, moving out and making memories and I can’t get travel out of my head.

In the last ten years, I have fallen in love with travel; I’ve seen so many beautiful places and been lucky enough to do so. I got the bugggg and here are a few places I’m desperate to get to –


Myself and Charlie have been eyeing up the Phillipines for so long and this year, I’ve been stalking STA for flights to see if we can make it happen. Having only been over to Asia once, it’s definitely on my list to explore.



I’m obsesssssed with staying in a treehouse in Bali, Indonesia. Think tropical forests, tranquil beaches, lush infinity pools – yeah… bit of me that.



If Mexican food isn’t reason enough to visit Mexico, maybe the diverse culture, the palm tree filled beaches and the spanish street parties will be. There’s so much to Mexico, that I’d be silly not to include it on my list.



Think the Maldives but not so basic bitch. Mauritius gets a place on my list for the over the sea hotels, incredible beaches, coral reefs and sunny Winters.



Having been to Greece last summer and fallen in love, I am desperate to get to the white houses on the hills, eat endless Greek food, gawk at incredible views and walk the cobbled streets.



On a different spectrum, I was always meant to to to America and never have. New York is on my list for the food, the shopping, theatre and central park. One daaaay.

new york.jpeg


Jamaican food, carribean rum, chilled culture, beaut rain forests and lagoons. Montego Bay makes it to my list as a musttttt.



Visiting South Africa not only for the sun, the city and crazy beautiful beaches, South Africa is on my list for the safari and conservation hotels. Literally, IMAGINE.



I always said when I was younger that I’d most likely end up living somewhere like Austraila or New Zealand – not that I have visited either but they are top on my list. New Zealand is home to mythical middle earth’s, calm lakes and glacier mountains and that’s for sure, a bit of me. And I meaaaan.. how beautiful?!



The simplest of the bunch but still takes a place as I’ve been soo desperate to get to Edinburgh for a Christmassy break. Charlie has a year to save 😉



It’s a long list, and a list that will probably keep growing, but as long as I get rich, win the lottery and can leave my job to travel the world we should be alright. I’ll start packing.

Where in the world is on your list?



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