I’m rubbish friends. After every blog post I tell myself I’ll be better, post more. I plan lots and then life happens.

I’m currently sitting on my bedroom floor with a bad back and my 7 year old nephew’s laptop. I’m working from home, eating a tub of Christmas chocolates, binge watching Netflix in the background and reflecting on the last couple of weeks (that is all in the remit of working from home, promise) I meant to keep you in the loop but with work being beyond hectic, I haven’t had the chance until now.

I had the cutest birthday, taking 2 days off work to eat, sleep and make mulled wine. I had a night out with my girls and spent Sunday in my usual hangover spot, Charlie equally hungover next to me. On Monday I spent the day with my sister and then head to the Natural History Museum for a cute ice skating date with Charlie, Gabs and her boyfriend, Josh. I woke up on my birthday early, because my body clock knows no different lately, went shopping, made some waffles, had a birthday nap and went to dinner at Beunes Aires with Charlie in the evening. Steak was increeeeed btw.

I got cute presents, have been drinking Baileys on tap and I’m no stranger to a Christmas film a day. Despite all of the cutest, my birthday feel like forever ago and it makes me sad that December is going so fast. I’m excited though for 2018. I have 6 working days left until I’m free for the year and some beaut Christmassy dates planned.

Without getting all ‘new year new me’ on you; there’s so much I want to do from January. I need to sort my life out and get organised so I can move out because ermmmm, I’m 25 now and Charlie is too excited to have me nagging at him 24/7.  I want to start writing again, get my broken mac fixed and create content that I miss creating. I want to lose the Christmas weight I’m currently acquiring and actually do it this time. I want to do more, find budget days out, bake cakes, cook in my new slow cooker, read all the books I’ve been trying to read.

It’s going to be a good year.


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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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