It’s hump day friends, which can only mean one thing – procratination and endless coffee. This morning I handed in my holiday requests for December and it got me thinking. One – HOW IS 2017 ALMOST OVER and Two – I wanna do eveeeerything.

I’ve had an insane year, filled with beaut holidays and cute dates but December is my faaaavourite time to take advantage of London. There’s a million things on my list and I haven’t quite worked out how I’m paying for it all (lol story of my life) but in the spirit of Christmas (yes, I’ma drop the C-bomb already) I thought I’d give ya a few of the sights I’ve got my eye on before the year ends.

Winter Wonderland



I meaaaan, duh. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is one of my fav things to do throughout the entire year and it’s back! So many new things to do this year including the genius karaoke booths but I’m excited to get back in my hat and scarf, get myself a German hot-dog, drink endless mulled wine and sing along to the live band in the beer tent.  It’s basically everything Christmas cheer crammed into a park – buddy the elf would be ecstatic.

Snow Kingdom Cinema



I’ve been meaning to visit backyard cinema all  year and despite the tickets dropping like flies, I’ve got my eye on a cosy beanbag in the middle of this year’s winter snow kingdom, drowning myself in popcorn and winter cocktails, watching a film I’ve most likely seen 40938 times.

Ice Skating

Skate at Somerset House with Fortnum  Mason (c) James Bryant_0.jpg


I say it every year but never get the chance. I’m not kidding when I say that ice skating throughout London is difficult to miss with so many pop up rinks being put up for the season, Somerset House being one of the biggest attractions.

Eat in an Igloo



The craze for 2017 is pop up Igloos across the capital. You can find these in various locations including Roof East or by the Thames at Coppa Club and I want to make it my mission to feast in one. I can’t cope with how cuteeee.

Christmas at Kew



Again, something I’ve never had the chance to do but would loooove. Wonder through a mile long trial along the Royal Botanical Gardens, take in the Christmassy lights, have a hot chocolate, view the show in front of Palm House. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but a super cute after dark outing and it’s something different iniiii.


Although I’m already running out of days in December to tackle everything I want to before the year ends, I’d love to know what you’re getting up to and if you have any secret gems to visit, give me shout.



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