The irony is, I’m writing this on my phone and I bet you a fiver you’re reading this on your mobile too, sooo we’re all fools…

I spend 9 hours a day in front of a computer screen. Every toilet break, I take my phone to stare at another screen and check twitter. When I go out to lunch, I’ll often walk with my head in my phone reading a shopping list or texting. When I get home from work, I switch on the TV and usually spend my evening plastered in front of it, phone in hand just in case someone does something exciting or I need to know what Charlie had for dinner. I’ll run a bath – my favourite time of the night, get the bubbles in (I’d have a candle if my family weren’t so psycho), jump in and switch on my phone for YouTube or to catch up on an episode of the Kardashians. I then get into bed for my last scrolling, because sureeeely, I’ve missed something in the last 45 minutes or I get the urge to spend my wages online. I  join in on the group chats with probably the cry laughing face emoji for the 3838 time of the day, text my good nights, check my alarms, log my second a day and fall asleep with the TV on.


Upon realising that my poorly eyes probably spend 95% of its day, in front of a screen, I’ve decided it’s about time I detoxed. It’s so easy to get caught up in everybody else’s world and sometimes you’ve just gotta take time to sit out and say ‘naaaah I’ma be strong and not waste 2 hours on Asos when I have £8 to my name or spend a cute date glued to Facebook vids’.

One night a week, let’s saaaay Tuesday, I’ma vow to stay screen free and you should join me.

Here’s 12 ideas to get us going –

Adult Colouring

Bore me a river as I’ve mentioned this so many times but colouring or actually, general arts and crafts is such a winner when I need to just chill and do something away from the normal.

Dare I say it, but do the housework

It’s SO tempting after a long day at work to throw on the PJ’s and binge watch The Big Bang Theory on E4 but maybe this could be the time to get off our lazy arses and do the hoovering that we’ve been putting off for two weeks or change our bedding to dreamy new sheets and have a little clean. Easier said than done, I do feel ya…

Get Moving

I have recently discovered The Fitness Marshall which has basically saved me from becoming a complete slump again as my motivation for the gym has plummeted. His fitness videos focus on having a laugh, dancing, feeling good and I looove them for a quick pick me up. The mantra here is to stick on some music and keep moving for half hour. Better yet if you’re not afraid of getting sweaty in public, go to the gym or join a class.


Make something from scratch using a recipe book. Offer to cook. Bake a cake. If sneaking leftover cookie dough isn’t enough reason to stay away from the phone then I don’t know what is.

Read a book that you love or catch up on a magazine

I keep neglecting my reading list and I can’t cope. Read the paper, buy a glossy mag or spend some time cracking through your dusty books. It’s one of my favourite things to do and I never give myself the time to do it.

Throw out some clothes

Detoxing the wardrobe makes me feel sooo good. More room for new clothes inttt it.

Game nights

There’s nothing worse than being with a group of friends or the bf and being stuck to our phones (although I’m guilty of it). Gone are the days we argue about losing Blackjack or get into a decent game of snap. Card/Board games is a cute way to do something different and keep us busy enough to resist the urge to pick up our phones. Get a takeaway in and a game of Monopoly and bob’s your uncle.

Take the dog for a walk

Probably more relevant for me after having spent £20 on a new collar and lead for my dog in the promise that I’d take her for cute day trips or walks around the block. We live on a green so it’s SO easy to just let her out and let her do her thing when really, we should stop being so lazy and take her for a walk, see the outside, be with nature… you get me.

Learn something using a book and not google

If I had a pound for the amount of times I googled a question, I’d be a rich gaaaal.

Blog plan/Organise your life

A night away from a screen is the perfect opportunity to be productive, plan blogs, write, go through paperwork, organise your finances and budget, create action plans, bullet journel. You’ll feel so much better for getting organised.

Have some quality time

I meaaaaan, why not get under the sheets or spend time having a cuddle with your partner. People are often too tired or too busy but we’ll happily sit in front of the TV or sit on our phones. Make the most of free time because why bloody not.

Pamper yourself

Who doesn’t like a night in listening to old school Taylor Swift or Hilary Duff?! (I know it isn’t just me gals) Have a beaut bath with candles and bubbles and resist the temptation to stick on YouTube. Paint your nails, make a face mask, top up the gradual tan. You do you but give yourself some loving.

Do you have any more fab tips for a technology-free night?



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