I haven’t written a post away from my desk at work in a really long time but after a beaut weekend and the laziest hangover Sunday in a while, I’m sitting in my pj’s with a cuppa, wishing the weekend could stay forever and binge watching Friends with my lazy and equally hungover boyfriend next to me.

It’s days like this; days where you make time to do absolutely nothing that I realise how good things are. Even with the thumping headache and hazy memories of last night.

Tenerife feels like too long ago, work has been completely hectic and I haven’t felt too motivated to do much else come 6pm in the last couple of weeks but actually, now that I’ve had time to sit and chill out and reflect a little, it’s all been pretty good.

I spent last weekend by the seaside with Charlie and my dad and it was nice to catch up, be with family and take time out from the normal. I finally feel like I’ve got my shit together with work and although I’ve spent the past week with early days, skipped lunches and getting out late, I’m feeling good that all of the planning and prep for the month ahead, will make it all a lot calmer. Pah, hopefully.

I had a cute dinner with my family on Friday catching up with my sister and babies which was long overdue and then Saturday spent the afternoon having bottomless brunch at Big Easy in Covent Garden with my best girls (which btw was faaab) Can I get an amen for unlimited frozen daiquiris, girly chats and endless lobster?

OMG hangover cravings.

I had drinks in the evening with Charlie and friends and this morning, although planning to be productive, we opted for a day off with McDonald’s, afternoon naps and bad tv – which has been pretty bliss after all of the madness.

I just thought that despite maybe not everyone caring about what I’ve been up to because let’s get real, I aintttt all that exciting, it’s nice to feel good about writing this evening. To feel good in general.

Summer is going suppper quick which I’m in two minds about because I’m sorta kinda excited to get back into my jumpers but also loving sunshine until 8pm and I still have so many things to look forward to.


I’ll stop blabbing on now. I need food and another cup of tea. It’s 18:41 on Sunday evening and I’d like to pause it right here plzzzz.

Have a good Monday, catch up soon.



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