A catch up post that I never posted cos I’m rubbish. Enjoy it now whilst I’m soaking up the sun and eating my body weight in buffet food and Pinacolada.


It’s Monday friends and although I woke up this morning with my eyes pinned closed, dreading getting up for work whilst Charlie was fast asleep next to me, I realised that in two weeks, I’ll be waking up in the sun to a Spanish breakfast and all-inclusive cocktails so I grudgingly turned off my snooze and thought  ‘Ohhhh go on then, let’s get this over with’

After probably the worst couple of weeks in a long time, last week felt as though everything was slipping back into place. I was busy, active and had genuine things to look forward to – which always helps.

As it’s been a while since I have shared some of my weekly happiness, here goes it ya cuties;

10 things that made me happy last week

Lukey’s Birthday

 Last Monday was my nephew Luke’s 7th Birthday so I popped in to my sisters. I hadn’t been to work in the day as home over the weekend had exhausted me so it was nice just to sort my life out and get back to normal. It was cute to pop in, drop off presents, catch up and as always, felt instantly good about seeing my babies. PS. How has the past 7 years gone so bloody quickly?!

Getting The Train (Who’d have thought it)

In the past two weeks, I’ve been getting the train to work every now and then for various different reasons and actually as I sat on the train at 8:50 with a coffee, scrolling through Instagram, I had a slight moment wondering why I bother driving an hour each way every day. Switching it up felt beaut and was probably exactly what I needed to get me out of the morning hump I’ve been in lately.

Still poor and lazy though so probs still driving in for the time being. Soz global climate.

Love Island

Don’t judge me aright. I know it’s basic bitch and the world and their dog seem to be watching ITV’s Love Island but there’s no escape here. I am addicted and last week found joy in catch up sessions and being in bed by 9pm for each episode. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Work Social, Hint Hunt

On Thursday night my company ditched the desk at 4:30 and traveled into London to play Hint Hunt which is basically a version of Escape Rooms by Euston. We had a cute dinner at Prezzo (and who doesn’t love Prezzo) had too many cocktails and was so good doing something different as a team. I had a such a good night and although Friday hangovers are never a laugh, it was exactly what we needed at work to lift everyone’s mood and get us motivated – even the 28568 Jagermeister’s and Italian Negroni’s.

Being Cute

It would be wrong to list a number of things that made me happy last week and not include Charlie so excuse the gross PDA. I’m vomming too, trust me. Just a shout out to being a babe when I’ve really needed it. We spent this past week eating pizza and dealing with hangovers and it’s been a little while since we spent so much time just being lazy in each other’s company which has been pretty cute.

Laila London’s Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder

I’ve been trying to find the right thing to help me whiten my teeth for months and after a few go’s of this, I think it could deffo make a difference. It doesn’t taste too ming to brush your teeth with, it’s quick and easy and seems to be doing the trick. Now I just need a tan…

Friday Night In

After a hectic week, Friday night was lush. I was in the bath for a WHOLE HOUR, changed my bed sheets, drowned myself in dark chocolate cranberries and fell asleep watching Legally Blonde. Actual bliss.

Getting My Nails Off

 Usually it brings me great sadness taking off my acrylics, but this week, although the service was not okay and I spent 2 hours in the nail shop which noboddddy has time for, it feels amazing having normal nails back that feel strong and natural. Aside from feeling like I have baby hands, I may even give growing them a go and leave them be for a little while – watch this space.

Saturday Night With The Girls

After a week that felt like I was constantly drinking (although probably not, I’m just 80 years old and can’t hack it) I ended the week in drunken fashion and had such a beaut night acting like a dickhead with my girls for Sophie’s birthday. The whole evening was super cute and just what we needed.

Feeling Good

I definitely haven’t achieved as much as I wanted to by now, but I’m feeling good about where I’m heading and feeling healthier and fitter than I have done in a long time. Sticking to the gym is haaaaard but definitely feels worth it.


I’m hoping that the next two weeks go beaut before my week away – I’m planning to stay stress free and keep myself pampered so fingers crossed for me. I appreciate this might be waffle nobody cares about but do find it cute reading back on these so tough shittty.

Plus, we could all do with sharing a bit of happiness every now and then ay.

Have a lovely week friends.



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