I’m ditching the desk and off on holiday with Charlie in 3 days’ time and I don’t know about you but the approach to holiday has me feeling


Know what I mean?

It’s 4pm on a Thursday afternoon, I have a half day at work tomorrow and instead of frantically trying to get everything done before I go, over-preparing and worrying about what everyone will do without me, I’ve gone for the abandon ship approach. If I didn’t have to sit here and look busy, I’d already have my out of office on, sipping a Kopparberg from the office fridge.

I’m done.

Here’s 12 signs that you’re off on holiday.

You basically start and end every sentence in the office with, “I’ll be on holiday next week but..” AND NO I WON’T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

The mad rush to pamper hair, nails and go for a pre-sun sunbed to get the juices flowing. I should probably shave too. Groan.

You have spent the past hour online trying to work out which store has the best Euro conversion rates. I still haven’t got a clue – help a sister out.

98% of Google searches are ‘What’s the weather like in Tenerife today?’ Ps. It’s 31 at 9am Monday. 9AM!!??

Girlfriend’s everywhere hinting at their bf’s about extra space in their bag – I only need to fit a feeeeeew extra things in your case bbz.

Old underwear becomes your bff. You know the ones; the kind that used to be red but are now pink or are so fully briefed, your nan would be proud. I’m not wearing my new undies for nobody.

You start doing sit ups on the fly in a panic that you don’t look like Gigi Hadid yet.

Your Spotify playlist gets a summer cleanse for pool days and sad plane journey homes – Because what plane journey home would be complete without ‘I’ve had the time of my life’.

The excitement of a new holiday book – might just be me but ohhhh the feels.

You start doing errands you were meant to do 3 months ago, like wash your trainers or buy a new bra.

Trying on your bikinis daily just in case the full box of Digestive Thins touched the waistline (they definitely did, fyi)

The majority of your thought process revolves around, “this time next week, I’ll be sat by the pool with a pinacolda”


And although we’re all different when it comes to holiday prep, we all have the common anxiety that actually, it’ll be over in a week and we’re not yet rich of retired. Work will be manic, you’ll come back to 428 unread emails and your tan will fade in a week.

Can’t cope.

Nonetheless, I am super excited for a cute break and fulllllly need it.

See you soon ya cuties.



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