Before we start, I am the epitome of somebody that wants to do a lot of things, but often find myself too lazy to do anything about them. My intentions are all there and actually, I’m a bit of a babe when it comes to organisation. I love a list, I like having a plan and many things, I won’t leave it to the last minute. I’m the gal that packs for holiday two months early or prepares for a meeting at work a week before the due date. I’m a complete babe at preparation (excuse the CV) but a few things in life, which mainly revolve around attempting to be fit and healthy, being a social butterfly and a career/housewife queen which is all bloody hard work to maintain and often means something falls short because I JUST CANNOT BE ARSED.

Recently though, I’ve decided I need to stop saying I need to sort my life out and actually do it and I’m getting better. I still have to ask around the office for excuses not to go to the gym after work and I’m the best person at putting something off in place of another episode of Gilmore Girls but I’m determined to squash the lazy out of me when I know that I can.

Here goes it. My current life hacks for lazy people (aka, me)


Get yo’self a snazzy calendar – I know it’s the 21st century and Facebook tells us when most things are due to happen but actually, having a real life calendar makes planning life SO much better. It involves a little more management than mentally storing all those dates but it does stop us wanting to be lazy. I make a note of all of the dates I want to go the gym, any nights out or social events, birthdays or work commitments and having it set in stone IN WRITING means you feel super bad when you think Nahhh can’t be bothered for lunch with Jenny today or I’d rather not spend 45 minutes getting my bikini bod.


I’m lazy when it comes to getting home from work and having to think about lunch the next day so make your dinners go the extra mile. Cook more, prep more and buy a fancy lunch box so that after dinner you’ve got lunch sorted without any extra thinking or last minute dash to M&S for an £8 sandwich.


Carry a big bottle of water eveeeerywhere – I’ll happily sit at my desk for 9 hours a day and avoid the 2 minute walk to top up my water.


Sounds a bit self-explanatory but if naturally you are a lazy person, make sure you are factoring in time for yourself. Our bodies do need to chill out to be the most productive we can be so put aside the time to do your lazy thaaang and ensure our lists are ticked off before you sit down with a cuppa and Netflix binge. OR if you fancy a lazy morning, set yourself a time until you’ve gotta get up and move on with the day.


Be realistic. You’re not going to look like Kourtney Kardashian over-night. We can’t always afford chicken and salad every day and we do need sleep (although admittedly maybe not as much sleep as I have) But organise your life in a manageable way. If you know you’re only going to go to the gym 2 times a week, don’t tell yourself you’ve gotta go 5.


Be prepared. I already told ya that I’m a life size planner but it does mean that I can sometimes afford to be a little more lazy when I want to. Getting 20 minutes extra sleep in the morning is an art down to my planned outfit, underwear and all. My lunch is made, my bag was packed before bed and facing the morning only really involves a wash and a cup of coffee. Goes without saying that if you’re lazy, it’s bliss to wake up to everything prepared.


Hang out with non-lazy people. It’s nice to have friends, family and partners that encourage us to do more so go find ’em.


I’m writing this at my desk at work in between emails. The sun is blissss which is a gem when feeling like all you wanna do is stay in bed which lately for me, is always. I’m fitting things in where I know I can and making the most out of planning ahead. It doesn’t hurt having a lazy day; I’m the Queeeeen at those but it does feel bloody good to start getting shit done.



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