It’s been a little while since I have shared some of my favourites but this month, I’ma do it different because these haven’t just been things that I have sorta’ fancied this past month; I have been obsessed, and have been for some time.

I would have said here ‘A problem shared is a problem solved’ but quite frankly, these are the things I can’t get enough of and simply refuse to.


There’s a pizza place down the road from me whom I think are to blame for this phase; it stems from a guilty Friday night takeaway (although we did collect, so burnt those calories driving, y’know) and behold, the Oreo milkshake rose from it’s 2009 pit when milkshakes at TGI Fridays were the dream, and now I just can’t stop. I don’t stop at Oreo, I get my hands on any milkshake I can find, regardless of the consequences or the fact I’m getting a third chin and I’m concerned that it’s spiraling out of control.

Moana, The Soundtrack 

A musical score of beauty and yes, I do have it on in the car and yes, it does get played on repeat and yes, it’s 14 tracks of complete bangers soooo.

Maybelline Clay Crush Matte Lipstick

As I spend half of my life in either a red or berry lip, I recently took to Superdrug to hunt down a new nude and I am in love. It’s long lasting, instantly gives volume to your lips (if that’s even a thing) and I luuurve the colour for a simple, everyday look.

White Amber, Next

I’ll always be an advocate for Next perfumes. They are cheap, the scent is long lasting and this one is Spring heaaaaven.

The Michalak’s & Sarah’s Day

Would it even be a favourites video without mentioning who I have been loving on Youtube? I recently decided to watch the vlogs of Hannah Maggs and the Michalaks from day one and managed to get through around 3/4 years of their life in a couple of weeks. Sue me.


On a completely different spectrum, since I’ve decided to be the epitome of ‘Project Health’ (lol minus the milkshakes), I have discovered Sarah’s Day and I LOVE her. Such amazing health and fitness tips but given in a watchable and relatable way and I am supppper jel of Aussie life.


70’s Flared Sleeve Tops

My wardrobe is slowly starting to overflow with tops with flared sleeves and it’s becoming an issue. Legit question; How many flared sleeves are acceptable?

My Fitness Pal App & Exercise Life

As my next attempt to get fit, last month I decided to try my art at Yoga and after a few beginner sessions, a few weight loss fitness programmes and my favourite bedtime session, I have decided I don’t completely hate it which is a shock miracle for all involved. I’ve joined the gym and I have also become obsessed with the Fitnesspal app which tracks what you eat, tells you when you’re having too much sugar or carbs, gives you nutrient and calorie goals and also tracks your daily steps against your calorie intake. Logging what I’ve eaten has just made me a little more bodily aware which has basically done the trick when telling me NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE ANOTHER F-ING BISCUIT.

What have you been loving?



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