We all make mistakes and girlllll, we often need to in order to become the fab beings that we all are (except maybe if your mistake is committing a serious crime; that probably isn’t so fab)

At 24, I’m lucky enough and stupid enough to have learnt some alright life lessons that upon reflection, were mistakes that maybe had to happen and I’m glad I made. Some mistakes, like blue hair,  McKenzie bags or pink cargo tracksuits probably didn’t need to happen… but that’s another story.

I have never been good at getting into trouble and actually, there were very little occasions in my teenage life, when most mistakes occurred, that I found myself in trouble. I didn’t like being told off, I liked doing well and I didn’t have much desire to spend my years hanging out in parks or outside a chicken shop (although I did my fair share; throwback to the all-nighter and probably the only time I was ever grounded). I had a pretty good balance at being able to do both relatively well and I never felt like I was missing out.

That being said, I have still acted like a bit of a dick. Let’s be honest though; from age 16 onward I think we all pretty much do.


I think back now as I’m sat in my pj’s on a Friday night watching back to back Gilmore Girls with a cup of tea, and I wonder how I ever managed it. I had always thought that University, an incredible experience in its own right, was the start of it, but actually the parties went back to high school when house parties were the world and you basically only went to kiss a boy and pass out drunk; something I did a lot more than I thought I had upon hunting through old photographs. I turned up to my first year of Uni in a relationship that I thought would be it and when that ended, I went a bit mental but I don’t regret it for a second. I have endless stories, I learnt a lot about what I wanted, who I liked and who I didn’t and at 24, when I now can’t stomach alcohol for the life of me, I thank godddd I made the most of it whilst I wasn’t such a pensioner about hangovers.


I have spent YEARS trying to sort myself out and repair my credit score that I destroyed when I was younger. Although that has damaged my situation now and I wouldn’t recommend it on anyone, I don’t regret any reason that got me into debt but more the fact that I just wasn’t sensible with it. I got a credit card to go on some fab holidays and I saw the world for the first time on my own.  I wasn’t sensible and in no way was I responsible enough to manage money (I’m still working on that) but I have since learnt some pretty tough life lessons about following things through and paying back what you owe. I even have a budget notepad; who am I?!


Without going in too much detail, because erm, gross, I had to include the first time because I’d be lying if I didn’t. My first time, like most people’s first time (soz mum and dad, you can stop reading now) wasn’t glamorous or romantic and in fact, looking back, it was pretty bloody awful but oh god, am I glad it happened when it did and with who it was with. It’s never really going to be all that glamorous and he was and still is a good friend and so for that, I’m glad. And thinking about all of the other mistakes I’ve made, this one doesn’t even come close to being something I regret.


After trying and failing to drive when I first turned 17, I gave it up and actually, I never thought I’d pick it back up again. I decided to spend my money on holidays and travel, university and nice things and there is no way I would have given that up to drive to McDonald’s on the weekend or go for a meaningless drive. I picked my lessons back up when I was ready, when it felt necessary and when I was financially able to which was definitely worth the wait. There’s so much pressure to pass as soon as you’re able to which seems silllllly.


I’m the most comfortable now with my friendship group than I have been in a very long time. I’ve had a load of different friendship groups, had the bestest of friends and have the best memories with people, a couple of which I wouldn’t dream of being friends with now. I don’t regret ever being friends with those people because we all change. We should be allowed to decide who we spend our lives with, who makes us the best people, who understands us and sometimes that means letting go of friendships that were no longer good for you. This was never really a life mistake, I’m grateful for everything that happened, but it’s something in life that I’ve definitely learnt from.


We can live life in two ways – saying ‘what if?’ or making a mistake and not letting it burden us, learning from it, embracing it, finding the silver lining. There are things that I wish I had never done, a couple of which I’m not sure I’d ever be able to freely talk about online (although one day I’d hope to) but these have still molded me into the person I am  and for that, I’m pretty grateful.

Do you have any mistakes that you’re glad you made?



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