It’s been a little while since we just had a bit of a chin-wag so, hey.

For the hundred millionth time, I’ve been a little bit caught up in coming up with shareable content that I’ve stopped focusing on the blog being all about me. Andddd I’m pretty fab so that’s far too selfless of me. I’ve been busy actually, which I know sounds like a classic excuse and ‘have you reaaaally?!’ but as far as trying to sort my life out goes, I have been pretty busy. Although come to think of it, April has been a month of detoxing (with the exception of Easter chocolate, duh), gym, sleeping and catching up on Netflix so I couldn’t actually tell you what has constituted as busy..

Busy sleeping, alright.

Monday today is miseraaaable and I promise you, last night whilst crying at ‘Me Before You’, I had all intention to come at the day like a boss, take myself to the gym, spend my money wisely on food for the week and birthday presents I’ve needed to get and tackle the day at work positively.

Nope. None of the above. It’s 3pm and I’m gagging for a cup of tea and the urge to hide in a meeting room to eat my body weight in chocolate and nap is probably at a strong 9/10. I’m watching the clock until home time and trying to weigh out the pros and cons for avoiding the gym tonight and i have a clear case of ‘IS IT BANK HOLIDAY YET?’

Now that I have two summer holidays booked, I am so anti-work it’s a joke. I still have two months left until my week away with Charlie and yet, I’m staring at my desk calendar for the next day off, scanning Asos for holiday bargains every 2 seconds and reminiscing over old summer photos. I need to sort my life out. Or at least find a way to never go back to work again and set up base on a beach somewhere hot.

Aside from not being able to function due to pure exhaustion, life has been pretty good and I have so many exciting plans to look forward to in the next month or so. Maybe that’s why I’m struggling to focus. I feel like my 9 year old niece, always counting down to something.

In the essence of Monday Motivation and trying to turn my gloomy day right way up, I thought it would be nice to sit, avoid work at all costs and share what in April I have been thankful for because it’s easy to forget.

1. Sunny Days – it doesn’t feel like it now as the rainy clouds look ready to implode but April has seen so many cuteeee sunny days. I’ve spent my weekends in parks, had lunch in my garden, been to BBQs and cute days out to play adventure golf and it’s been pretty bliss. How does the sun make SUCH a difference?!

2. Family time – I’ve been home a lot more this month which has its benefits as well as complete disasters but I’ve also been grateful for family time. Especially when everything else has been so quiet.

3. Exercise – I’d rather shoot myself in the foot this afternoon but I have felt pretty happy about getting back into exercise and feeling half good about myself again. (I say ‘back into exercise’ like I’ve I’ve ever been into but you get me) I never thought I’d say it and don’t get me wrong, I’m still trying to find the motivation to stick with it, but I do actually enjoy letting go at the end of the day and popping to the gym.

4. Holiday plans Although now a huge distraction, getting holidays booked has given me something to look forward to and for that, I’m thankful. I’m off to Tenerife in July and then flying to Greece with the girls in September. Life is bliss.

5. Bank Holidays Do I even need to explain why these have been heaaaven?

6. Lunch dates I’ve been out for lunch a fair bit this month and have found a new appreciation for a cute day date either with the girls or forcing Charlie to take me for food. I’ve had my nails done, been shopping, liveeed in All Bar One and it’s been quite nice not spending the entire month with a hangover.

7. Getting my hair done Nothing says Spring like getting new fresh hair.

8. Lazy days – It’s been really nice taking time to be lazy and not feel bad about it. I went through a bit of a stage of getting itchy feet but this month I’ve been pretty content with nights in, a DVD and afternoon naps.

With having to do actual work, skiving in the toilets or chatting about ‘work’ by the kettle, it managed to get to 5pm which is absolute bliss. I now have half an hour and 4 days until bank holiday and I cannot contain my happiness that Monday for the next two weeks is almost over.

Get me home with my roast dinner, a bath and some comfy pjs.



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  1. Thank you! I’m really pleased you enjoyed it! Definitely – it’s so important to remember to appreciate the good in everyday ❤


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