The world and their dog has a Netflix subscription. Actually, make that 98.75 million global members (and probably their dogs)

Netflix is basically marmite. I go through periods of extreme frustration, throw my teddy’s out the pram and unsubscribe as I’m left with the same material for months on end. After a recent detox, I decided to get curious (after I’d watched everything on Amazon Video) and I have fallen in love again. 2017 has marked the year of so many new (and old) gems and I’ve pretty much spent my evenings and way too many weekends glued to the TV, binge watching like the old days when One Tree Hill was life and actual real life, wasn’t as important.

I was a pretty wild 16 year old.

Anyway, I’ve flown through a few recent box sets and as sharing is caring and all that, I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been watching.

Ps. No judgement as I am also known to watch a lot of shit.

Freaks & Geeks

I am GUTTED that the 1980s high school American series only made it to one season. WHY?! Basically staring every current celebrity in their prime, Freaks and Geeks was an easy watch. One of those shows you could have on in the background whilst curling your hair or ‘having a cuddle’ and you’d still kinda know what’s going on. Still carrying a sturdy storyline of Lindsay Weir and her friends, Freaks & Geeks is your cooler, funnier 90210 and I looooved it. Ps. I dare you not to weird man crush out on Jason Segal.


As a PLL fanatic, I was sceptical about loving Riverdale but with the characters being based on the characters by Archie Comics, Riverdale isn’t always so peachy with some serious storylines surrounding the core murder mystery of twin, Jason Blossom. Signed up for its second series, I’m excited I have something new to add to my list. Definitely worth the watch. Plus, who doesn’t want to see grown up Disney star Cody Sprouse being all broody and serious?! I was going to say sexy but that might be pushing it.

Gilmore Girls

Shoot me because I’m 17 years late but I haven’t truly appreciated how good Gilmore Girls is until now. It’s for sure my cosy show. A feel good when you need a pick me up or some motivation. If I need to explain the synopsis, then who even are you but based in a fictional ordinary down in Connecticut, Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory experience firsts, laughs and lows in an almighty 7 seasons of approx. 22 beaut episodes. With this year’s recent limited series release, I am FLYING through them to find out what happens to everyone and I’m so glad I decided to give it a go.

Call The Midwife

OKAY, I GET IT, I’M LATE TO THE PARTY but I have been loving Call The Midwife. Yes, it has a lot more graphic labour than I was anticipating (weird, that?) but the way that the 1950s drama nails history, captures some insanely sad storylines and still stays hilarious, is pretty decent. A must watch for another cosy, feel good.

13 Reasons Why

Everyone is talking about the latest Netflix Original that focuses on teenage Hannah who took her own life. The show explores quite self-explanatory, the reasons why through tapes that Hannah left on a classmate’s doorstep. Granted, it’s not an easy watch but it’s gripping and heart-wrenching and tells the story of suicide in a way that has been captured by very little mainstream lenses.

What are you watching?



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photo credit goes to Mc Jefferson Agloro as I’ve been a busy bee… and I’m rubbish. Could be me though, minus the size 6 waist.

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