It’s a big claim but I reckon Spring is my favourite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love when London decides to reach 30 degrees once a year and December is fabulous in its own right but there’s something about Spring that gives everyone a spring in their step (excuse the accidental v. bad pun)

Here’s a few reasons to be excited and it’s not just because Moana is released in April and I’ll be spending my entire Easter break with it on replay.


Gone are the evenings that last 0.3 seconds because it’s pitch black at 4pm and all you want is sleep. I can maybe try to be productive and social and active and feel alive past 6pm. Maybe.


Can we just take a minute to appreciate not only 4 days of chocolate and hot cross buns and family love but also, the entire Easter isle in M&S. I WANT EVERYTHING.


With feeling like a recluse safely packaged away until October, spring is alllll about beer gardens and spending our lunches with a Pimm’s and good food. With the exception of getting attacked by wasps, it’s a bloody good life.


Can I get an amen for the Easter break and TWO WHOLE DAYS in May? Cannot cope with how good that’s going to feel when consecutive full weeks at work have been a struggle – Why are three day weekends not an actual thing plz?


It breaks my heart saying goodbye to my fluffy roll neck jumpers and my summer wardrobe is SO empty, but Spring means cute dresses and tights, t-shirts and jeans and less of the chunky scarves, 4 tops and 3 pairs of socks.


Don’t judge me alright, but Instagram in Spring is the best kind of Instagram. Can you get enough of blossoming trees, ice tea selfies and sunny white Insta themes?! Nah, didn’t think so.

Credit: Instagram Explore


Nothing (and I say that loosely) feels better than a productive spring morning decluttering, cleaning, listening to Gabrielle’s ‘Out Of Reach’ with a cup of coffee on the go. Housewife GOALS.


It’s time to get our flowers back in and throw out our fakes. Anyone who says they don’t enjoy a good real bunch of Spring flowers is a massive liar.


When I say ‘easy’, I mean easier than waking up in the dark, shifting ice off your car at 8am and braving the rain on the walk to the office. Spring makes the thought of waking up each morning slightly less dreadful. Sun-filled warm rooms, open windows and a morning in bed with a coffee and some fresh fruit is heaaaaaven – although don’t get me wrong, this is me at the weekend. Despite Spring being fab, I still spend Monday-Friday with 20 minutes to spare before having to frantically get my arse out of the door.


For those giving up the things they love for lent, Spring is the time to rejoice and welcome those back. Or equally you may feel so empowered for ditching the guilty pleasures that you’ve decided to get rid for good. Good on yaaaa.


Not only is Spring fab for all of the above and let’s face it, endless chocolate and cute days out would have been good enough to stop, it’s kind of the time I manage to get out of my rut. I spent the first chunk of the year so stuck and miserable that it just feels good to start feeling good again. I’m not drowning myself in carbs all day err-day, I’m finding new hobbies, I’m getting some Vitamin D on my pasty neglected skin and I’m not a complete zombie after work (although debateable because I still bloody love Netflix and sleep)

Whatcha got planned for Spring? Is there anything else you love about this time of year?



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