This was a post that I wrote last year during my blogging rutt and felt too shitty to post so you know what, I’ma post it now in all it’s glory and nostalgia.


It’s been a little while but I’ve got a confession to make. Recently, as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted all that regularly and although I’ve already bored you all with a couple of classic excuses as to why this is, (exploded mac book, too busy with actual work, returning boyfriend, blogging is the enemy and I feel like poo) the truth is, my heart just hasn’t been in it.

We all get down days and although September so far has been a month filled with many good days, I’ve had a solid reminder that life ain’t always that peachy. And when life gives you lemons, make lemonade ay?

Or something like that.

Anyway, here goes it. Things that make me happy after a shitty day –

A bubble bath –

You all know I luuuurve a good bath, even in my half-finished bathroom. As long as I’ve got bubbles and an acoustic bath playlist on Spotify, I’m sorted.

Tidying up –

Believe it or not, nothing gets out all of my angst better than a good clear up. Clean house, clean mind and all that.

Fairy lights –

Such a simple pleasure that gives me instant feels. Who can even feel stressed in a room full of fairy lights? That’s what I wanna know.


A takeaway –

Order me a Domino’s or a Chinese and I’m a happy bunny. Until an hour later, when I’m full up with regret. Initial comfort is key here though…

A little bitch and following that, a cuddle

I love having a massive rant about whatever has got me down in the day, even if it doesn’t solve anything. After chewing somebody’s ears off, I then usually go for a cuddle; Such a cure when everything else seems rubbish.

Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

Some grab the vodka or the wine, and although some Friday’s end that way, my go-to when feeling shitty is a beaut hot chocolate topped with Baileys and cream and marshmallows and all things great.


THE perfect pick me up film when feeling sorry for yourself. It also makes you really crave cake which is a win if you have cake to hand.


An early night watching YouTube 

Not that I’m ever up gallivanting past 12, but an early night cosied up in front of YouTube for sure makes me feel better after a grim day.


I’d love to know what gets you feeling all cosy after a shitty day, so hit me up with your tips and I’ll be seeing you soon.




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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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