2017 is the year I turn 25 and okay yes, that may be 10 months away and yes, I know I look 15 but erm, does life mind going so fast?!

I’m a classic example of someone always counting down to something. Counting down to Friday, to Summer, to holiday, to the next cuppa or meal time but I’m also such a worrier when it comes to lost time. Which is hilarious considering most of my life I claim I’d rather be in bed.

Today is a good day as it’s a day I feel good about doing good and achieving what I want to by the time I’m a QUARTER OF A CENTURY YEARS OLD.

I don’t need to accomplish everything in my life by 25, duh, that’s what your 30’s are for – lol, but I would like to have all these ticked off by December 5th.

  1. Stop being a complete whale about exercise and get back into a size 8.
  2. Get a pay rise or find a new job.
  3. Be rid of my student overdraft which still haunts me.
  4. Be debt free – go me for almost getting there!
  5. Get myself on a cute Europe weekend break.
  6. Find an alcoholic drink that doesn’t leave me on my death bed the next day.
  7. Move into a swanky first flat and nail being an independent adult.
  8. Convince someone to move out with me – lol.
  9. Finish my book list which at the moment feels almost impossible.
  10. Go to see Wicked for 305801 time.
  11. Eat lobster in a real restaurant.
  12. Take 2 weeks for a sunny holiday.
  13. Cancel all of my unnecessary subscriptions.
  14. Cleanse my memory box.
  15. Organise all of my boring bills and paperwork.
  16. Get my bloody macbook fixed before it gathers too much dust and seizes life forever.
  17. Invest in a polaroid because, how cute.
  18. Take another spa break because my poorly body needs it.
  19. Switch to de-caff tea in the office.
  20. Have had/or be looking into laser eye surgery.
  21. Have a pedicure because I’ve somehow never had one.
  22. Update my uni scrapbook that I’ve been meaning to finish since graduating 3 years ago.
  23. Be a morning QUEEN and wake up an entire hour earlier than I need to be up every morning (3 weeks and a habit sticks they say…)
  24. Make Thursday club with my best friends a real life thing that we don’t do once and never do again.
  25. Go to Edinburgh and drink coffee in a snazzy Scottish backstreet.

25 before 25 – Sureeeeeely, it’ll be a piece of cake?

Wish me luck.



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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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