Last week, my boss went away on holiday and as you do, I had joked that I’d probably spend the end of the week ‘off sick’. Little did I know the next morning I did actually wake up with the plague and had to spend the next 3 days cold-crying at my desk. Despite this pot of luck, I did have the best and cutest week last week so in true 2016 houseonthegreen fashion, I thought I’d tell you what made me happy.

Seeing the uni girls

It’s a little over a week ago but who is counting? The weekend before last, I ventured into London for a day of food with the uni girls before catching the train to Brentwood for a good night of red wine and dancing. I had the best night and a catch up with some my favourites was just what I had needed. Although not so long ago, this does feel like too long.

A posh roast

Using our hangover day wisely, myself and Gabrielle ventured to the Kiln Hotel for the most epic 3 course roast dinner. So cosy and such good food.

Being hangover free

It’s a miracle after the shenanigans of Saturday night but omg, waking up on Sunday half okay made me so happy after a shitty few weeks of feeling like death’s door every time I had a sip of alcohol. YAY for hangover free weekends.

New hair

Last week, I opted for a change and got my hair done! Not only does getting my hair done make me feel instantly better about everything, the change of colour was a good shout when life felt a little ‘same old’.

Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight

I’m only a chapter in but I can tell this is going to change things. So funny, so relateable and so needed after I keep telling myself I’ll do things and never bloody do.


Being all cute and going out with our friends for a giant Mexican and lots of red wine and cocktails. Despite not being able to breath due to the amount of nachos and chicken I inhaled, I had the cutest night.

New Lippys

Getting new lipsticks is always enough to make me happy but getting them as freebies was literally the best thing ever. My make up bag has completely been refueled and it feels goood. Helllooo Laura Geller.

Fifty Shades Darker

 Despite being on death’s door and not feeling up to getting all sexy with the new Fifty Shades, I actually enjoyed it. With the film receiving such mixed reviews so expectations not being high, I was surprised at the step up from the first and was pleased at how on-point they stayed with the second book in the series. Plus, Jamie Dornan is always good to look at iniiii.

Fri-yay Cocktails

After the most chilled day working from home, Friday night was filled with the most fab cocktails at the Sugar Cane, in Clapham with the ‘in-law’s – lol. Such a cute girly evening and the Strawberry pina colada’s were to dieeee for.

Family Time

It was nice to have an easy weekend which for so long, I haven’t had. I spent Saturday at my sisters with my babies, making cakes (or napping whilst they made cakes) and catching up with family time and eating my body weight in food.

After such a beaut week, Monday wasn’t so difficult this week. I’m getting there and SO excited that the sun seems to be coming and the weather isn’t a constant blizzard. I AM SO EXCITED FOR SPRING.



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