HI FRIENDS. I’m back after a long weekend of blissful drinking of alcohol, eating and sleeping and have a cheeky DIY post to share with you all.

Now I’m not a creative DIY goddess but getting down and dirty with arts and crafts, particularly when the nieces and nephews are up to no good with glitter and glue is something I am always up for and when the beauts at Viking* sent me some goodies following the #VikingArtyParty then I couldn’t not get involved.

DIY sharpie mugs are EVERYWHERE at the minute and after spending ten years researching designs, I finally decided on some caffeine addicts’ puns about love. Not only are these the cutest gifts, they also make for a cheap weekend activity when you’ve spent all your wages on holidays or browsing Asos. Guilty.

All you need are some sharpies, including some of the fab metallic paint pens and a couple of plain mugs. If you’re like me and art doesn’t come so naturally, you may also want to invest in some nail varnish remover and a couple of cotton buds to erase any very obvious mistakes.


I went for the two quotes –

“I love you a whole latte” and “You’re my cup of tea” because I’m such a cutie and decided to keep these simple, using just black, silver and gold.

If you have every faith in your artistic ability, you can crack on with your design without tracing anything but it’s always a good idea to trace a light design using a pencil just to ensure everything is how you want it.

Once your masterpieces are all complete, I’d then leave these to dry overnight ready to bake in the oven. These need to be placed in a cold oven set to a heat of 180 degrees for 35 minutes and left completely to cool.

I’ve heard rumours of the colours changing at this stage but I’ve actually yet to bake these myself. THEY LOOK TOO DARN OKAY TO RUIN AND OH GOD, WHAT IF THEY CRACK?!

All part of the fun though and if they go well, I’ma be DIY-ing my mugs regularly. I.AM.MENTAL.

Ideal for any avid tea drinkers, make up brush or stationary holders or simply just to sit and admire.




If any of you have had a go at getting creative with Sharpies, then I’d love to see what you’ve created and equally now that I am obsessed with the metallic paint pens, I need new DIY ideas! Send ‘em over.



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