Verona, Italy had always been on my list ever since I discovered the chick flick, Letters to Juliet which is my go-to feel good film about love and summer and fate and all of that mushy stuff fyi but you know the one – The one where Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan and Vanessa Redgrave all embark on an Italian adventure to find a long-lost love and ever since the credits rolled that first time (and then again the day after when  I re-watched it) it became a bit of an obsession to one day write to Juliet’s secretaries and embark on my own adventure.


So this summer, when I took the train from Milan to live out my life dream of visiting Juliet Capulet’s wall, otherwise known as Casa di Giulietta you can imagine the feels. I’ve spent 10 or so years thinking about what I’d write in my love letter and finally I’d get the chance. I’d sit pondering at the graffiti walls filled with declarations of love. I’d recite a few of the epic lines told in Shakespeare’s most tragic love story. I’d touch her boob in the bid to bring myself luck and it would be just like the movie. And then Chrisopher Egan would come running around the corner all angry about a letter that was sent to his grandmother and *spoiler alert, we’d live happily ever after.

Turns out that Casa di Giulietta is a huge tourist spot. Who knew. So I couldn’t really ponder and write my letter, I couldn’t take numerous artsy Instagram’s and actually, I could barely breath in the sea of people that had all come to admire the notorious balcony. But one thing that’s pretty darn amazing is that Club di Giulietta (Juliet Club) does actually exist and writing a love letter to Juliet is a real life thing that can be done from the comfort of our own tourist free homes.

This isn’t the part where I share a letter with you all although that’s probably a bloody good idea. It’s 31 degrees in the office today and my concentration is basically melting, so instead I thought I’d just share some of my cutesy holiday pics of the 12 hours that I spent falling in love with Verona just in case it inspires you to book a cheap flight over to indulge in Risotto and take blissful walks along the river or climb the amphitheatre and spend lots of money in all of the sassy shops.

And actually, I thought I’d just tell ya that it’s quite nice writing a letter whether or not it’s about love or heartbreak and anything in between and that maybe we should do more of it when our hearts needs an impartial ear.

I’m cute, I know. Here’s a few of Verona before you cringe any further –







Aside from Italy being one of my favourite countries in the world and you’ll find out why in this recent ramble about my holiday, Verona offered something a little different to everywhere else I’ve visited. Not only can you see what you need to see in a day which seems to be unheard of for many of the Italian cities, you feel a little more part of something. Like everyone’s there for the same thing – love.

If that makes sense in any way at all.




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