Can I just start by asking how it’s already the 14th August?!

I’m not coping with how fast this Summer has come and almost gone (although the excitement of autumn and everything Christmas, even after a beaut week of sun in London, is at its peak)

Can’t help it okaaaaay.

Nonetheless, I realise that whilst being all doom and gloom, I haven’t shared any of my happiness with you all lately and given that it has been my first full week back to reality since all of my summer holidays in July, I’m surprised that I managed to hunt down 10 things but actually, on reflection and aside from all of the irrelevant life crap, it’s been a bloody wonderful week.

Here’s why;

Last weekend I reunited with my best friend and her friends from home, for a weekend of London sun at Pergola on the Roof and a night of Essex life. A carefree night out with the girls is exactly what I’ve needed.


There’s nothing better than dreading a week of work to find that despite it going slower than anything imaginable, it’s been a genuine week of tea making, Netflix watching, blog writing and the occasional discussion about work stuff. Such a touch.

Getting back into books –  It took me a little while to find my mo-jo after I spent £40 on books back in April with this gem of a reading list. That said, I have been loving getting back into fiction and making the time to step away from my phone, sit in the sun and have a read. I can’t vouch for a better escape when it’s needed. Current read – ‘We are Liars’ by e. lockhart and it’s a good’un.

‘Stranger Things’ – The Netflix Original series that every single person on the planet seems to be watching/needs to be watching. It’s been good to find a nitty gritty series again and watching it on the sneak at work has also made me very happy. ps. I’m only on episode 6 so no spoilers plz.

Dinner with the Dawson’s – Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from home on a work night, have some good pasta and a couple of glasses of wine, pour your heart out and laugh until you cry. Definitely made me happier this week to know I have two nutters I call my best friends.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani blush palette – I picked up this palette of heaven whilst in Milan last week and it’s been a life saver when my face has needed a little sumin’ sumin’. Plus, it’s a thing of beauty.


I’ve really tried to make the effort to get out at lunchtime and go for a walk that doesn’t involve spending money and whilst the sun has been out this week, having a walk around the park has been fab. Aside from getting attacked by insects, I have instantly felt better.

New Hair – I went for the chop on Thursday and definitely think it’s the change I needed to get me motivated about my body and everything else. Feeling gurdddd.

snapchat: rheawarren

Apple and Peanut Butter – My new found love; gets me through the day when the 3pm slump starts to kick in and the next three hours sitting at a desk looks impossible. Crunchy peanut butter too… Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good?!

Weekend in Clacton – This weekend, I ventured to the seaside to spend some time with my dad and grandparents. Although only away for a short time, I feel super relaxed and had the beautest escape for a couple of days by the sea before Monday arrives.



I’m pretty lucky that even when things are tough, I’m still able to find so many amazing little things that keep me sane, keep me busy and remind me that life is pretty gurdddd really. 

Have a beaut Sunday!


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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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