If any of you were following me up in here in 2014, back when I had no idea what real life was like after graduating uni, you will know that I took a super fancy internship working from home and although I didn’t get paid, I did get a swanky work Blackberry and I’d go out for meetings in the pub and I’d call clients from bed and ate my body weight in carbs and life was pretty bliss for a while. I was adult-ing in the best way I knew how.

Actually, it only took a couple of months of working without any money before I realised that that isn’t much of a laugh and I made a big claim that I’d much rather get up for a commute to work every day than have to work from home.

Two years, a summer spent traveling and an office job later, brings me to yesterday. And due to a minging (basically leg threatening) reaction to a mozzy bite, I decided to give myself a break from the commute and revisit the life of working from home.


Aside from having to work from my iPhone 6 plus since my mac decided it hates me, it didn’t go as badly as I thought it would. Nonetheless, I’m far too into my home comforts to ever successfully work from home and the memory just haunts me of how terribly unproductive my summer internship in 2014 was.

And here’s why you nosy bunch –

HELLOOO, bed is too good to ruin with emails.

Not taking the commute means there’d be no excuse to waste money on Costa coffee and I would really miss Monday morning vanilla lattes.

Breakfast would conveniently take twice as long; as would waking up.

I’ve got to send this really important email by 2pm and OH, is that back to back Kardashians I see on E? Best just check in to see how Scott is coping without Kourtney… Do you see my point on this one?

I’d have to make my own tea, and that’s not that fun. I also wouldn’t have anyone to chat to about Brexit or Pokemon Go! by the kettle for twenty minutes whilst pretending to be talking about work.

Staying in pj’s all day may seem appealing, but I reckon after a while I’d just forget I’m a functional human in society that actually needs to wash and change their socks.

Freedom would just not be good for my social media habits.

There is no way in the world I’d make it through the day without taking my afternoon nap (you know, the one around 3 when channel 5 show their best daytime movies to nap along to)

I’d also succumb to peer pressure far too often when anyone not working the 9-5 wants to spend the day doing something that isn’t work. Because DUH, four hours in Bills drinking pink lemonade and feasting on sweet potato is more important to my well-being.


So basically in case you didn’t catch my point; I’d be useless, obese, I wouldn’t wash and I’d forget how to interact with actual humans. I probably also wouldn’t work all that much.

Best just stay in the office I reckon…




Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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