Ever since I was able to pick up a pen, or maybe shortly after that, I have kept a diary. Anyone that knows me well, will know that I spent all of my teenage years making notes on my day or embarrassingly talking to a camera (which apparently is a thing now…) Even back when Tommy from the year above stole the last Butterscotch tart from the canteen in year five, I’d be writing about it. Actually, I have never really felt comfortable dealing with something without writing it down but adult life has seemed to stop me from doing that. Before blogging, I found my diaries gathering dust even though life was changing and I’ve missed it lately. These are the most important years. I’m planning and growing and travelling and life has generally been fab and I think my happiness has just halted the need to keep it all written.

I do however have this blog thing that I think needs a bit of life itself. And this is where Toad Diaries have helped me. There’s nothing worse than getting half way through the year, realising you need to get yourself organised after 6 months of telling yourself you would do, and then not being able to hunt down a diary that offers it all AND starts the year when you need it to.


Toad Diaries offer personalised and affordable diaries, suitable for so many uses. When given the opportunity to find out what they are all about, I headed to their site to customise a design and pick out the pages I need to get the most out of my newly found blog organisation. Not only was I surprised at how easy customisation was, I was also excited at the insane amount of choice you are given; from size to design, to format and duration and all for such a good price – bargaaaain.

I was able to start from this month right through to next July, play around with my days; giving myself more space for the days I blog the most as well as leave a big chunk of my diary open for note making and idea generation which is such a winner. Toad Diaries don’t just offer date flexible diaries, but you can also make the choice of format whether you are a composer of music, need an academic diary focusing only on the weekdays or you’re joining the blogging world in creating your very own gridded bullet journal (definitely next on my wish list btw – why so addictive?!) then Toad Diaries genuinely offer something for ya.



I LOVE that I have been able to make my mark with a personalised message on the front cover and the back. I LOVE that the checkout was no fuss and I was able to review my design before I clicked to buy and I LOVE how super professional it looked when I got my hands on it.



I’ve used mine to keep track of blog posts, notes and images and have been filling it with quotes for inspiration and social media reminders. As a project manager, I have no idea why I hadn’t invested in a blog plan before now. I will for sure be ordering myself a dotted bullet journal, to be able to keep track of everything more creatively and also as a a cute way to remember these days.

PLUS do we really need an excuse to buy cute stationary and sharpies?! I thought not. 

You can find out more about Toad Diaries and get yours customised hereeee. 

Now that I am super productive and organised being (and you can hold me to that) you’ll  now find me in Starbucks, shades on, diary out, coffee in hand, ready to tackle the angry commuters at 8 am. Ready to tackle life in the sassiest way poss.

Well, I can dream. 



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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