Happy Monday Friends! I’ve been off ill today and whilst I do like to take advantage of an illness for a cheeky day off, I do miss being out in the world, interacting with real humans and spending 10 hours with my eyes glued to my computer screen. Instead I’ve been dying in bed, feeling sexy with a snotty nose and garlic repair oil all up in my hair to try make use of being so ugly today. ANYWAY.

On Saturday, I ventured to London’s DSTRKT to join a mass event of bloggers for Scarlett London’s Bloggers Ball. It was a cute couple of hours spent drinking wine, eating cake, talking to brands, taking selfies and meeting lots of beaut bloggers but instead of boring y’all about the ins and the outs (‘cos you’ll just have to go to the next one won’t you) I thought I’d share my fav things about the ball.



My plus one –  Not only is Gabrielle my bestest friend in the whole wide world, she has also recently joined the blogging world and you can find her lovely blog hereee. I am so glad I have her to nerd out with about everything blog related and was so good to have a catch up doing something different.

Nabbing eye cream by Exuviance – One of the brands that stood out for me was the clinically proven beauty brand Exuviance. They took the time to get to know me, recognised my issues and gave me some super handy cream to hopefully get rid of my ridiculous bags that grown up life has given me. They didn’t throw a load of leaflets at me, gave me worthwhile advice and offered insanely generous freebies. You go glen coco.


Chatting to people that actually know what they’re doing – Despite having blogged for almost 2 years, I’m still a bit of an amateur. I haven’t really got myself involved until now and I actually really enjoyed feeling like I’m part of something. PLUS I also come away having learned a thing or two so that’s fab.


Discovering that there’s a product to get rid of my double chin – HALLELUJAH for Chin Up for what seems like their miracle solution for my saggy sister that is my double chin. Aren’t I just the sexiest?! I am so excited to give the non surgical mask a go and will for sure let you know if I end up all naturally contoured and wonderful.

Free beef – Probably the most excited I get is when someone offers free food and Roam & Relish from Eversfield Organic was just a dream.

The Lipivir games and picking up a new Rimmel lippy – Getting involved in blindfolded games and playing the What’s The Song challenge were definite favs from the day. As someone that does suffer from coldsores, I was so excited to discover Lipivir and choosing a Rimmel freebie was obviously a winner. I went for the 061 Heart Breaker and I am in love.



Selfie Mirror – Such a good idea and getting print outs of our Photo Booth session is just the cutest souvenir, even if we did look like untrained selfie novices, it was a laugh.


The event itself was such a cute day and we were made to feel welcome by so much blogger love. I picked up so many good tips, met the cutest bloggers and came away with tooo many amazing products.





Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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