I don’t feel very thankful for much today. As far as a day’s work goes, today was good; we had beers, ignored our emails, watched the England game, I ate my body weight in pork pies AND I’ve spent the day eating cake so not bloody bad I’d say. But coming home to doom and gloom just put a debby downer on today’s post and you know, sometimes that’s just how it is; sometimes we do get the feelings to get in our pjs without washing, hide in bed and stick Bridesmaids on for the 39875 time. We’re all human here. Massive spanner to my wonderful positive post. So instead of being all cute, I’ma get real with you.

I’m thankful for good wifi. Not one single person can tell me they aren’t grateful when  their internet connection is being boss.

I’m thankful when I get to take my bra off. I have big boobs which recently decided to get bigger. That ain’t me bragging, that’s me being incredibly upset about it. Bras are expensive and I am uncomfortable.

I’m thankful for coffee. The only way I make it through the day. I don’t want to adult anymore.

I’m thankful for filters. Nobody needs to know what I really look like alright, NOBODY.

I’m thankful for on time trains. It’s a miracle but my God does it feel good when I get to work without having a panic attack.

I’m thankful for love. I’m just really excited that when I have shitty evenings, I know that I have a wonderful boyfriend living la vida loca for me and I’m so grateful to be in love with such a donut. I have the bestest friends that will happily talk pony with me and get me drunk when I need to. I have the most amazing babies that I couldn’t love any more than I do and I’m just darn thankful. That got DEEP but I couldn’t not.

I’m thankful for skinny days. You know the ones, the days we try our fav’ outfit on and don’t feel like a beached whale. Yeah, they are the dream.

I’m thankful that it’s Thursday. It’s no Friday but boy, it feels good.

I’m thankful for paydays. When we spend the second half of the month counting our pennies (or is that just me?!) payday is quite possibly the best day in life. And luckily it does happen every month so that’s not too shabby is it.

I’m thankful for perfectly run baths. Such disappointment when you run a bath and it’s luke warm… You may as well cancel life because it really makes me sad. When they go splendidly though – with bubbles and Adele?  Then I am a winner.

I’m thankful for blogging. This may be too cute for the way this post turned out but I’m thankful that after a rubbish afternoon, I have somewhere I can share it all. That’s pretty special I’d say.

Life is good, don’t get me wrong. I have clean sheets and a cup of tea, roof over my head and I know I’m not going to be living off £1.84 forever. I’m super thankful for everything I have. You’ve just got to let me feel sorry for myself sometimes. I like to moan. And even then, I know that a couple of these little things are enough to make me realise I’ve got it made really. Life’s a babe when you make it one. If that made any sense… I think it did. You get me.

What are you thankful for?



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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