It’s Sunday morning friends and if your Sunday morning skin is anything like mine; blurry eyed and bagged with a dash of patchy blemishes from too much red wine the night before, then you’ll be thankful that I’m sharing a life saver that is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder. Although the powder has quite possibly the longest name in beauty history, I am in love and old haggered make up by 4pm is no more.



Urban Decay are known for their ‘out of this world’ packaging and this one is no exception. Instantly, you don’t want to break into it and spend the first week protecting it from ruin with your entire life. But after having looked past the fact it’s too pretty to open, I have been super impressed with its staying power. Unfortunately I’m not blessed with naturally moisturised skin so by the end of the day, I sometimes find that my make up becomes a little tired and dry. Given that the Naked Skin powder is Oil Free, I was surprised at how well and flaky free it keeps my make up. I went for the shade Naked Medium light, making it a highlighting heaven and the handy compact mirror has meant that I have been able to top up my face on the go, which is always a God send when unexpected drinks at the pub after work are forced upon my tired pensioner self.


I’m always a little late on the band wagon. I obsess over a brand for far too long before I ever decide that I HAVE to have something but I am fully Urban Decay converted. Sue me for being 20 years late but I don’t care. They make the chore of powdering a treat and I’m in love with my floral pouch and the mirrored case. It’s cute and travel sized, has been perfect for the days I just need a little definition and can’t be dealing with a full face of beauty and is super long lasting. Basically an investment if you ever feel guilty paying out the £23. PLUS it’s adorable, and that’s basically enough to steal my heart.




NB: this post wasn’t sponsored. I just have a spending addiction and fell in love.

Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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