It’s been a little while since I shared some of my happiness so this week, I thought it would be nice to have a little catch up and let you in on some of the small things. It has been sunny in London which makes such a difference to my mood. As much as I love being festive and cosy at winter, I am so glad the sun is here. I get productive and sociable and the first iced coffee of the year is reason to be happy all on its own. It has been a good week and here is why –

LONDON LUNCH WITH THE GIRLS – Last Saturday, I ventured down to Southbank to meet the girls from uni for some lunch and cocktails at Wahaca. Although only a short reunion for me, it was so nice to catch up in the sun and over good food.


BUTLER’S WITH BUMS – Cocktails, naked men and a lot of camembert sums up my night last weekend whilst celebrating Charlie’s stepmum’s birthday. Had such a lovely 70s night and woke up with a stinker of a hangover – always a good sign.

HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR – Even whilst spending the morning vomming, this day makes it to my top ten as the sun was out and it was hot and I was with my lovely boyfriend’s family and we had a paddling pool and a curry and we sunbathed. Such a cute day and to not be stuck in work whilst the weather was 27 degrees, was amazing.


MONDAY FUNDAY (NO WORK) – I booked the day off on holiday this Monday to be lazy and spend the day in the bed. Absolute bliss. Why is every week not a four day week can I just add?!

LUSH BATHS – Do I need to explain? So much happiness in one tub. I have also converted to the natural solid deodorant, Aromaco which I’ve actually been really impressed with. This week’s beaut of a bath involved Frozen which is such a glittery winner.




MAKING BROWNIES – This week I just baked for myself. No blog, no photos, no pressure. Just a couple of hours me time in the evening and it was actually real nice to be able to do that. Life at home has been on another scale of stressful so to get evenings where I can do my thing and chill, really makes me happy.

CONTACT LENSES – This week I took the plunge and tested my eyes for contacts. Anyone that knows me knows that my eye sight is quite ridiculous and I find myself constantly forgetting to wear my glasses when I need to. Although only new to contacts they have made such a difference already and being able to walk down the road and actually see, is a simple kind of happiness.

LUNCH IN THE PARK – So much sun in one blog but my Friday at work was made that much better by spending lunch in the park. To get away from it all, eat my noodles and ready my book in the sun was actually such a lovely way to spend an hour.


NEW STATIONARY – This week I picked up some cute notepads from Paperchase to settle my spending problem and the excitement to get some new stationary was probably not okay but I looove them. Organisation at work is at its peak. I’m not even sorry.


TGI FRIDAYS – I haven’t been to TGIs in so long and the Jack Daniel’s cravings were real this Friday so myself, Faye and Emma took ourselves to drink some good cocktails and stuff our faces whilst having a catch up. Of course, going for food is my most favourite thing to do so made me very happy.


NIGHT IN WITH CHARLIE – Saturday night in watching Eurovision with a dominos is exactly what I needed this weekend. Charlie only has a couple of weeks left before he flies off for the summer so was cute to stay in just the two of us as we hadn’t done that in a while.

I’m aware that was 11 things but I’ve had cute week so whatcha gonna do?! I’m now eating my body weight in Greek Meza and chain drinking coffee because it has been impossible for me to wake up today. Not excited for Monday but praying for another beaut week. How has your week been?!



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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