I am the queen of sleep.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to live life on the edge and get my full 9 hours in. I don’t often intend to to sleep so early; it’s actually a bit of a pain in the arse when you only get 5 hours every evening to sort your life out, eat, wash and be sociable but I am still an expert when it comes to getting the much needed Z’s and making them count.

So, as the babe that I am and because so many people ask me how I manage to get a decent kip, I’ve put together 6 of my secrets to my bedtime routine –

Anyone that said that going to bed with technology is bad for your sleep is a liar. I fall asleep to Netflix errr’night and there isn’t anything wrong with me (ahem). BUT I should say that aiming to sleep whilst you’re favourite box set is on is a no go. As much as I LOVE The Big bang Theory, the easy watching, seen them a million times sitcoms are the best thing to sleep to. 

Track your sleep – Incase Netflix isn’t enough technology for your life, I recently downloaded a free app called GoodMornings which tracks your nights sleep, monitoring your movements and quality of your sleeping pattern. It allows you to set up your sleep goal and reminds you when you need an early night. I genuinely think that this has improved my sleep out of pure motivation to get a good score.

Eye Masks are such game changers for your nights sleep. Not only does it shut the world out, but it’s good for keeping those bags at bay.

Read a book – If you’re someone that gets to bed and can’t shut off their brain, overthinks and then consequently wakes themselves up, then read a book when you hit the sack. It focuses your mind on one thing and gets you sleepy.

I’m not sure why our body decides to need a wee the moment we get into bed but getting a big drink down you and forcing yourself to the loo will improve your quality of sleep. Your brain will find it difficult to shut down and refuel if you’re leaving it dehydrated. Duhhh.

Cleanse that face – Whether you are a gal or guy, making sure you’ve had a good wash before bed, naturally gets you ready for a good nights sleep. I use Emma Hardie’s Amazing face Cleansing balm and I haven’t looked back since. There’s nothing worse than going to bed and waking up feeling groggy wearing the remains of yesterday’s make up. Give it a treat and stick to a bedtime routine.

Of course, everyone is different and quite luckily, my ability to sleep wherever and whenever I want is out of this world but finding out what works for you and sticking to that, will work wonders. I wish you all happy sleeping and an even better week! I’d love to know how you all get yourself to sleep so of course, share the love and leave in the comments.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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