Happy 1st April friends!


I know that everybody and their dogs have asked how on earth it is April already but can I just join that bandwagon and ask time to slow itself down a little? April of last year seems like a million years ago – intact, I’m pretty sure that it was. Actually, this time last year I was sharing my best buy series every single week and it breaks my heart that I’m too much of a grown up to treat myself as much as I used to (and I’m very bitter about it) Still – behold my monthly favourites because of course, I am still slightly trained in the art of spending money I shouldn’t be spending. Here’s what I was loving in March –

Superdrug’s ‘Damaged Nails? Hydrating Serum’ – I have to admit that this was a cheapo buy in desperate measures but I have to say, it has been my saviour this last month. At the beginning of March I said good-bye to my 5 month old acrylic nails which unfortunately for me as they are my favourite things, completely destroyed my nails. This serum from Superdrug was under  £10, smells amazing and has done exactly what it said it would do on the tin. Very impressed and definitely worth a buy if your nails are lacking a bit of love.


Mini Eggs – It was Easter friends which meant that it was almost half acceptable to stuff my face  with chocolate every evening. I have been obsessed with every type of mini egg and now that easter is over, I’m still very tempted to keep a constant nest of eggs by my bed (not even sorry).


90210 & New PLL – This one actually didn’t require any money, but I have been loving watching old boxsets on Netflix and in March, my long lost love 90210 and I reunited. It also made me very happy to have Pretty Little Liars back in my life every Wednesday! (and also very upset when the season ended, once again) Netflix has literally been my March baby.

Kate’s Rimmel Sculpting Palette – Rimmel’s first contour kit designed by Kate Moss hit the shelves and being a big Rimmel fan, I decided to give it a go. Actually, the highlight and contour itself isn’t all that and I much prefer my trusty Barry M for a bargain contour but the blusher on Kate’s palette has been my absolute fav. I went for the 002 Coral Glow palette and the colour is amazing, particularly for this time of year.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – Another Rimmel product making it to my March favourites and I’ve actually been using this one for almost a year now ( I brought it here, remember?!) However, this month I’ve been trying to cut down the amount of make up i wear everyday as it just isn’t making my skin very manageable. Using this concealer stick has been a life saver in the morning before work to cover up my bags, lighten up my face and hide my little blemishes. It just means I don’t need to slap on a load of foundation every day and I have been loving it.

H&M Jumpers – It is dangerous for me to work very close to a H&M and I hope that everybody in the UK is able to appreciate a bit of Henny’s. This month I have been in love with their bargain high neck jumpers. So much so, that I went a brought myself another one today. They are super light so perfect for Spring, comfy and come in a mass range of colours and all for a wonderful £7.99.



Sukin Facial Moisturiser – This product from Sukin, the australian natural skincare company has saved my face from crumbling to pieces (In the nicest way possible), I have been cleansing daily for a long time now which has helped 100% keep my skin at bay but winter had destroyed my flake free face and it has been incredibly dry in the last two months. Made from aloe vera, horsetail, nettle and burdock, this natural cream has definitely helped and even after 8 days of use, I am seeing a massive difference so I’m putting it straight in my favs.

Autotrader – I’m looking for a new car, and I’d be lying if i didn’t include this site this month as I have probably spent 70% of March scrolling. Basically tinder… but for a car.


Porridge – This month I have made it my mission to eat a decent breakfast as I die in work without one. I have been loving trying different things in my porridge in the morning and have a recent addiction to raspberries and cashew butter. Amaazzzing.

That’s it for this month! It’s been a little bit of a ramble, but it’s Friday and I’m excited with life. What were you loving throughout March?

Wishing you the most loveliest of weekends!



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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