There’s no denying that everybody loves a good candle… perhaps some, a little more than others. But these are game changers for the Bath and Bodyworks deprived, The Yankee Candle fanatic and the scent enthusiasts. Made from a blend of soy, these mason jar candles homemade by the Our Own Candle Company are my faaavs and the range of scents are out of this world (they even have basil,  although I can’t say I’ve tried that one, mind)

I discovered Chickadee around a year ago, hidden in a shopping centre close by in Croydon. Their gift range is super cute and at the time, I had a slight obsession with homeware. I picked up the Coconut & Lime mason jar and since, fell in love. This pay day I may have taken that love a little step too far, but upon having ‘Caramel Pecan’ open for the past 3 hours, I can’t quite comprehend in words how fast the scent fills the room. I have heard that these are sold around independent homeware shops but you can also order from the Chickadee website.


This is what I went for:

Peppermint & Eucalyptus – 

I actually got this one in for my mum as she’s weird like that. Surprisingly, the peppermint works well as a scent. It smells a little like Fresh Linen, but now that Spring is slowly but surely approaching, there’s definitely nothing wrong with a bit of fresh scent.

Coconut & Lime – 

Couldn’t keep away from this as I usually cannot keep away from anything with coconut. It’s basically a summer holiday in a candle.


Caramel Pecan – 

My favourite of the bunch is the Caramel Pecan. I am in love with caramel, as you all know, but the scent on this is insanely good, insanely sweet and very difficult not to stick a spoon in and eat. So impressed with the accuracy of the scent too which candles often lack.

Pumpkin Cream Pie, Hot Buns & Vanilla – 

This mason jar includes three tiers with a different scent so I definitely wanted to give it a go. Although I hadn’t realised it would smell like cinnamon as much as it does, it’s a good’un. Another one for a sweet tooth.


All of the candles burn for up to 100 hours, have a natural wick and are crazy good value at £12 each. I don’t often go mad for candles, and despite feeling guilty for 0.01 of second, they are definitely worth the splurge.




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