It’s the last weekend of February and I’m a little scared how fast this year is going, although this does mean that Easter bank holiday weekend is soon approaching and I can’t quite contain my excitement for chocolate and four days off work.  This past week has been a busy one and so I thought I’d share the things that have made me happy – because why not share a little bit of happiness every now and then ay.

Breakfast Date at Giraffe – 

Last Saturday, the uni girls and I took a trip up to Liverpool to celebrate our girl Laura’s birthday. As Gabrielle and I live fairly nearby we braved a 7 hour coach journey from London but made sure to book ourselves a table for a hearty breakfast at Giraffe and it was bloody good. You all know from previous blogs that Giraffe is one of my favs for breakfast and it had been a while! Definite good start to the weekend.



Night in Liverpool – 

I’ve never been to Liverpool before and although only getting around 18 hours in the city, I had the best time being with my favourite girls, catching up on life, drinking lots of wine and bar-crawling across some of Liverpool’s finest spots. It was also the best drunken food I’ve ever had fyi.



Galaxy’s Golden Mini Eggs – 

Do I really need to explain? Basically what got me through the working week. THEY ARE GOLD. And taste incredible with a cuppa.

Being Reunited – 

Slightly lovey dovey, but after a week of Charlie galavanting around Peterborough with work, it felt good to reunite on Monday for a cuddle and lots of Suits. I’d be lying if I didn’t include it in my list of happiness. Sue me.

Starting Girl Online 2 – 

I know that I am a 16 year old girl trapped in a 23 year old’s body but I am really not even that sorry. I haven’t read in a while and I just needed something easy that didn’t hurt my brain after a long day at work. Zoe Sugg does good. Hoping to get it finished, get the ball rolling again and get in some new books (and who says i’m not absolutely mental?!)


Fresh Hair & Nails – 

Making time for a pamper makes such a difference to my happiness. This week, I freshened up my hair ready for the festivities tonight (you’ll soon be informed) I also went for pale pink, nudeish nails as although it isn’t summer just yet, I need something a little brighter.

Zumba – 

Anyone that knows me, knows that it takes quite a lot to get me out on a weekday, especially if it requires exercise. Nonetheless, this week, my best friend from Harvester, Casey and I took to Zumba class and I really enjoyed going. Not only is it a good excuse to have a weekly catch up with someone that I don’t get to see as often anymore, it was also a laugh, something different and I’ve spent the rest of this week with achy legs, so I must have done something right. Definitely recommend for people that aren’t massive gym lovers but want to keep fit.

Fresh Bedsheets – 

I obviously wash my bedding every week (I am a grown up now after all) but this week, perhaps I’ve been overly exhausted but my sleep has been incredible. I’m sleeping all the way through the night again and getting decent amount of hours. It does help that my bedroom is one of my favourite places to relax.


Seeing My Babies – 

It’s been a little while since I’ve spent some time with my nieces and nephew and this week, it was a lovely surprise to find out they were staying the night. So much family love.

Friday Night Watching Pan – 

Nothing beats a Friday, recovering from your week than a lazy night in front of the fire, with a bag of Maltesers and dark chocolate Rolos, watching a good film.For anyone that hasn’t seen Pan – give it a watch. You’ll never look at Captain Hook the same again.

It’s Saturday and I’m off to a ball which I will of course, catch you up on next week but this week has been a good one. I’ve stayed busy and slept well, I’ve took the time to chill and do the things I love. I’ve seen good friends and spent time with family and the working week went nice and quickly. If that isn’t a successful week, then I don’t know what is. What has made you happy? 



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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