It’s the first day of 2016. Our heads are sore, Netflix is on loop, we are struggling with the pressure of starting our new beginnings, our January workouts, our attempt to drink more water, read more, take more photos blah blah blah. Just stop it all and take yourself to Wahaca. Hunt one down and invest in a couple of hours to drown yourself in Mojitos and Mexican food. It’s really the only logical way to spend New Years Day.

I visited the Wimbledon restaurant yesterday lunchtime for a catch up with my two best friends from my previous job. I hadn’t been there before and so I had little expectation but we left completely impressed and full up on spicy goodness.


We decided to go for the Nibbles and Street Food which has an insane selection and is perfect if out with friends, if you’re just after lots of picky bits or simply if you cannot decide what to eat from the ‘Bigger Food’ menu. Wahaca also donates 20p from each Street Food dish to several charities around the UK & Mexico which is an added bonus and makes you feel a little less guilty about stuffing your face.

From the Nibbles menu, we went for the Guacamole with tortilla chips. The guac was out of this world, creamy and tasted as fresh as it promoted.

Service for food was insane, perhaps because the restaurant wasn’t heaving with guests late afternoon on New Years Eve but we were happy to receive our food within 15 minutes and surprised to find it all hot.


The Tacos were by far my favourite on the Street Food menu, the Grilled Britsh Steak came served with crisp grilled cheese, shredded steak and chipotle salsa and were super yummy. All Taco selections came with 3 Tacos of good bite size which is handy for small groups and perfect for us three. We also had the Pork Pibil which had mixed reviews. Served in a Yucatecan marinade and fiery pickled onions, I’d say it’s an acquired taste but I found it yummy and slightly resembled a curried pulled pork.

Quesadillas are a crowd favourite and we really enjoyed the Chorizo & Potato option. A good sized portion of two toasted tortillas filled with mozzarella and filling of your choice. Compared to a lot of the other dishes on the menu, the quesadillas weren’t as spicy and were a good alternative to a side of potatoes.

We also decided on another classic with the portion of Chicken Wings. Such good flavour, they were juicy and also went down nicely with the Spicy Slaw.


Our waitress raved about Sweet Potato & Feta Taquitos and being a big sweet potato fan, I couldn’t really say no. We had never tried Taquitos before but I was surprised to find that they were served fried in crispy cigars and with a solid amount of salad and various salsas. I really enjoyed this option, such good flavour and a good alternative to a meat filled tortilla but the other girls were a bigger fan of the Tender Marinated Chicken which came similarly served but seasoned with Lime and Black Pepper.


To wash down all the amazing food, Wahaca has a good Cocktail selection that includes lots of Mexican Twists. All three of us fancied the Passion Fruit Vanilla Mojito which was a fab and refreshing choice. The vanilla after taste was super prominant and for a slightly hefty £6.50, they didn’t hold back on the alcohol. Winning.

If Cocktails or Mocktails aren’t your thing, they also have a range of Fresh Healthy Living juices filled with Cucumber and Celery and all that veg juicing business. Perfect for a NYE hangover cure.

Of course, we made sure to save room for some dessert which we were very excited about. Our lovely waitress gave us the Mexican classic Churros Y Chocolate on the house and they were devine. The dark chocolate sauce cannot be compared to any dipping sauce I’ve had before and is a great dessert if you fancy something small to share. We also ordered the Honey Comb Chocolate Bites which as we were sharing everything, were over too quickly. So rich and full of all sorts of flavours and the toffee glaze was spot on. The desserts were also really well priced with £4.25 being the most expensive. To clean our palette we also went for the Mango fruit Sorbet which rain or shine is never a disappointment.


 Overall we really enjoyed our time at Wahaca and I will for sure be visiting again. If you are a lover of spice, something different and looking for somewhere of great value for money, then Wahaca is the place.

However you’ll be spending your hangover this New Years (I’ll be stuffing my face again… this time in Prezzos) then I hope I have given you a little bit of food envy and some inspiration to try something new. Get out your Sombrero’s, order yourself a beer and support the motherland of Mexico.

for more information visit the Wahaca site here.



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