It’s that time of the year again when we all reflect on the year that we’ve had and begin making plans for the brand new year that is to come. It’s NEW YEARS EVE, and I have had the most incredible 12 months. Best yet. I’ve moved on from University and an old life I barely recognise. I’ve made the best of friends and rekindled with old ones. I’ve worked my arse off and travelled, treated myself to new things and meals out and exciting adventures. I’ve been unemployed and poor and socially reclusive. I’ve learnt to drive and failed my test countless times. I got a car that sits and waits for me. I’ve been on dates and got myself a real life bae and learned a lot about myself and who I want to be and I am super super excited to see what the new year will bring. Until then, this was my 2015…

  1. RETURNING TO NOTTINGHAM – February feels like a million years ago, but the reunion was bliss.


2. LOTS OF DRINKS WITH MY BEST FRIENDS – One good thing to come out of working in Harvester, were a couple of my best friends. The beginning of the year meant a lot of Wonderland (guilty), a lot of afternoon drinks and a lot of bitching sessions about work.

3. ADVENTURES –  Days out in London eating good food, endless shopping trips, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and The Curious Incident, so much cinema, so many road trips. Cayuteeee.


3. LADIES DAY – Rekindling with my oldest and bestest friends and braving Ladies Day with the rest of the world.


4. BLOGGING – I have been blogging for a year and in that year, although it may not be a lot for big time bloggers, but I have achieved over 5000 views, 100 posts and 100 followers and I’m super chuffed. I’m excited to evolve and be better in 2016.

5. TINDER BOYFRIENDS – Saying ‘fuck it’ and going on a tinder date that evolved into a very quick and very strange relationship. Although the dates were great, I learnt a lot about what I want and what I definitely don’t. It’s safe to say, Tinder has been deleted.

6. CROATIA – Need I bore you with the details of 3 incredible months of my year spent travelling Croatia, now my favourite place in the world. I would dieeee to visit again next year and I really really want my tan back. I had the most amazing time with my best friend and it has made this year the most insane. Real life can’t even compete.



7. GETTING A REAL GROWN UP JOB – I am so proud and so lucky to now be working doing something I love. As much as I moan about the early mornings, the commute and constantly being tired, I am in love with office life and web development and project management and I am learning so much about the real world, whether I’ll stay there forever or not, and whether I’m earning pennies or thousands, it’s a good start.

8. BEING CUTE – Being early days for the boyfriend and I but being cute and going on dates and drinking cocktails and being constantly hungover and meeting the families and chewing each others ears off about watching Suits.

9. MY BIRTHDAY – I had the best birthday this year as all my favourite people came together for some good food and gossip and drinks. A very happy welcome to my 23rd year.


What have been your moments in 2015?

Take a look back at 2014.

I hope that whatever you are up to tonight, that you have a good one. Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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