This day three months ago, I was in Bosnia, roaming the markets in the blistering heat, soaking up the history of insanely recent tragedies, witnessing a complete different life to my own. My best friend and I, were probably up in a bar overlooking the river of Mostar, drinking Cider and discussing our next week back on the beach.


Yesterday, that same best friend texted to remind me about an old lady that harassed us in a train station in the middle of nowhere, Croatia. We were lost and worried we’d miss our very long train back down to the coast. It’s not particularly those exact moments that I miss, but I can’t help but realise that before yesterday, I was starting to forget about those little things about my summer. And now I sit here looking through photos and going through memories and I miss it.

I am in a good place three months later, don’t get me wrong. Aside from being poor, I’m enjoying winter and my job and my friends but I really really miss summer, and my second home and my best friend and the people we met and so much more. And here is why:



The Sun. I cannot stand winter clothes. I don’t like layers or jumpers or big coats. I want to walk around in skirts and dresses and denim shorts and still be boiling hot. I remember constantly moaning about the heat but omg, what I would do for a bit of sun now.

My Tan. I cannot even talk to you about it, I need it back.

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Going for Breakfast. It was the best thing waking up when we felt like it and going for breakfast, having a read of our travel book, getting an 80p coffee, chatting about the day and life and snagging the free wifi. These days, I barely have time for a cup of tea.

The Simple Life. I’m a big fan of 9-5 but I really really miss just being able to do what we wanted, seeing lots or doing nothing. We didn’t need to stress (although sometimes we did) Life was easy.

I didn’t come back stick thin (mainly because we ate a lot of chocolate and pizza) but I do miss being active. I’m a complete office bum and I like it that way but the summer makes it so much easier to get out for walks or go swimming. I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but I really miss exercise. 

The History. I miss having the time to learn and experience new things and enjoy doing so. I miss how completely involved we got in the history of Croatia and all these other beautiful places.

The beaches and the views. There is nothing quite like the views that I saw this summer and the beaches we spent our days on.




Chilled nights getting bitten by mosquitos. I really really don’t miss the mosquitoes (I have the scars as a lasting souvenir) but I do miss having a wander through the old towns in the evening, going for a chilled cocktail, spending the evenings on our balcony or by the sea. I can’t help but feel like I am a complete recluse in the winter.



There are a million things I miss about my summer in Croatia and if I was able to I would travel everyday, as much as I could. My best friend and I discussed this a lot when we were away; whether or not we thought we were ‘travel’ people or if we’d prefer to settle in a life and job and get sorted. I honestly can’t decide which category I’d fall under because if it wasn’t for my life plans or aspirations then I think I’d spend everyday discovering somewhere new, constantly living in summer.

What about you?



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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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