Good Morning you beauts. Today you’ll be graced with two blogs as I appear to be the worst ever blogger and decided to have a lot of wine last night – sorry about that. I had the most festive day yesterday at Winter Wonderland, drinking mulled wine and beers, riding the dodgems and playing lots of fairground games. Here’s the one photo I did get (as again, I was too busy being cute to take photos) :


I have woken up feeling so Christmassy this morning and so I thought it would be perfectly appropriate to share some Christmas facts. SO DID YOU KNOW THAT:

Christmas stockings allegedly evolved from 3 sisters who were too poor for a marriage dowry and were doomed to a life of prostitution until Saint Nicholas filled their stockings with gold.

London sweet maker Tom Smith created the first Christmas cracker in 1847.

The first Christmas celebrated in Britain is thought to have been in York in 521ad.

The bestselling Christmas single ever is Bing Crosby’s White Christmas – 50 million copies worldwide since 1942.

Before turkey, the traditional Christmas meal in Britain was a pigs head and mustard…

364 gifts are mentioned in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Santa’s red suit derived from a 1930s advertisement by Coco-Cola.

2,340,000 mph is the speed that Santa would have to travel to reach every home

6.8 million is the average number of IOS and android devices that will be activated on Christmas Day

25 million is the number of Christmas puddings we eat in the UK every year.

If you didn’t feel festive this morning/afternoon, then I bet you a quid that you do now. Enjoy your Sunday!



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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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