It’s Friday friends and I feel bloomin’ good about it. I always used to moan about everyone getting the ‘Friday Feeling’ and posting it all over Twitter but I’ve joined the dark side, I am all over that feeling as soon as I’ve stuffed down my lunch at 2. Not that I do anything with my life, but to have that option is alway nice isn’t it? Anyway, it’s been a shit week, to put it quite bluntly. Christmas stresses are upon us and I’m not feeling as festive this week as I’d have liked with only two weeks to go until the big day! BUT, nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to take a minute out of a bad week to think about the things that have made you happy. And so I’ma do just that.

Putting tree decorations up and listening to my nan sing along to the christmas songs. Just the cutest thing ever really.

Discovering sleep with an eye mask. I’ve never really understood them and maybe they are just used for sleeping on a plane, but ever since I tried sleeping with one on, I am literally dead to world. Ask anyone that tries to contact me after 11. I’m in absolute bliss and life is completely shut out and I definitely wake up happier.

Getting the christmas tree up at work. Nothing is quite like a bunch of office bums looking for a way to procrastinate.


Zoella’s Vlogmas. Don’t even judge me. She’s great and she makes me happy alrightttttt.

Having my niece sleepover and making hot chocolate with candy canes. I have missed my favourite person so much recently and was so good to have her back for the evening. PS. Candy Canes broken up into hot chocolate is just spot on btw.

My Cosy Pyjamas. My request for my birthday were some new Pjs and so my parents and friends did good and I have lived in cosies.


Whatsapp Chats & Late Night Texts. After being reunited with my University bffs last weekend, our whatsapp chat has revived and I love them very much. I have the nuttiest group of friends.


Making tea from my new loose teapot. One to show my old age this week was my excitement in finally making a cup of tea from my filter pot. It’s bloody good and loose tea is now my new fav addiction.

Getting praise at work. Being new in any workplace is always a little scary. I’ve had to try and learn so many new things in the last month and I’m really excited about the new year. I am loving what I do and it’s good to know that I might be making a tiny bit of a difference.


Having Christmassy Nails. It is a blessing that I once again have my nails nice and fake, just the way I like em’. I went for a festive red and they are a god send when I haven’t made any effort and I need to feel a tiny bit better about myself. I’m a materialistic bitch, I really cannot help that.

AND SO THAT HAS BEEN MY WEEK. I realise that everything that has made me happy this week has either been pyjamas, hot drinks or the TV, so I also know that I need to get a life. No need to remind me.

Catch up with you tomorrow for day 12!



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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