As it’s our tenth day into December, I thought we’d be brave and go on our first date. A lot of you who read these blogs, know me. You are my friends and maybe some of the following info, you may not even know. So I’ma strip back, tell you all, give ya the 411, the exclusive and basically ramble on about myself and my favourite things and all of that wonderfulness. So get yourself a glass of wine and nod politely, and laugh when I tell you to (because that’s what I ask of all of my dates)


I have a habit of either binge watching tv box sets or starting them and then abandoning them half way through. I am the biggest fan of One Tree Hill and have watched them all a not okay amount of times.

I love Wednesdays and Saturdays.


I drink my tea with one sugar (2 on bad days) and milk. I am a white chocolate addict.

My favourite takeaway is a Chinese. Give me noodles and rice and shredded beef everyday of my lifetime and I reckon I’d be genuinely happy. I don’t eat enough rice for something that is meant to be my favourite food.

You will not catch me dead near Ketchup or Mayo. (Unless that is actually what kills me) I don’t like cooked carrots or cucumber in sandwiches.

Shower or bath? Bath, hands down.

I have very  little patience.

If I decide I’m not going to do something, then I won’t do it.

I have a genuine spending problem when I get money.


My organisation sometimes worries me. I really need to have a plan.

Every time I have used Tinder, I have either been virtually abused or married off on the first date. I am not a fan.

I am a baking addict but don’t always have the patience for it. I basically just want a lot of pretty cake and praise without all the hard work.

My favourite film is Walk The Line, the biopic about Johnny Cash.

I love to read teen books. I wish I made more time to read.

I often feel quite left out, that’s really the only personal battle I have with myself.

I cannot stand mess or things being out of place.

My favourite colour is blue. In every shade.

I have a bear called Bear that has witnessed too much in his lifetime.

I cannot drink Vodka, and I am the moodiest person with a hangover.

I am very over feeling like I have to constantly socially busy and I am very over constantly socially busy people.

I am a big fan of eating out and going to the cinema.

Youtube is my favourite pastime (Other than eating, sleeping, blogging, baking, getting drunk…)

I will always prefer Summer.

Money is my single most hated entity in the entire world.

I can talk for England if I want to. I can also spend a very long time on my own and still be content.

I can count my real friends on one hand. Not about this keeping in touch for the sake of it malarky. I know who I can count on (insert cute emoji)

I love early nights.

I still worry about the well-being of my Sims.

I have no idea how actual people juggle work and life and baes and not be physically dying.

I need to sleep.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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