I’ve never done a tag before, but as it’s a Friday night, and I’m monging out in Garfield pyjamas, eating ice cream and watching The Hunger Games series for the millionth time (Wouldn’t spend the eve of my birthday any other way) I thought it’d be an ideal night to do the christmas tag. I’ve recently seen it on A Beauty Junkie in London‘s blog and as I’ve never done a tag before, I thought I may as well join in on the festive spirit and get involved.

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?

I am a big fan of the worst christmas movies. The type they play on Channel 5 at 3:15pm (actually, exactly those) My most recent watch was ‘Let It Snow’ which was so bad that it was good and I loved every minute of it. The other classic would be ‘Jack Frost’. My all time favourite.

2.Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Duh, Christmas Morning.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

A lot of my Christmas memories have all blurred into one but I always remember, the early mornings filming my brother on our ancient camcorder, getting up our parents and sitting in the living room in the pitch black, with cartoons playing in the background on the tv, waiting for mum to make a coffee to settle down and open our presents from our sacks.


4. Favourite festive food?

Pigs in Blankets. Hands Down. I also have a new found love for mince pies.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

 Getting my first keyboard was pretty up there. I liveeeed on the thing.


6. Favourite Christmas scent?

Nothing beats the smell of your christmas dinner filling the entire house. But you also can’t go wrong with the smell of cinnamon which always reminds me of this time of year. If you’re talking perfume, I have no idea but growing up Britney Spears’ Fantasy was the go-to scent for special occasions.


7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Taking our giant present sacks up to our rooms to find them them gone in the morning and full of presents in the living room, is always a tradition that I haven’t heard many others do but it’s my favourite thing about christmas eve, even now. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve left a mince pie and carrot out but that was always something we’d do before bedtime.

8. What tops your tree?

I’m pretty sure we have a century old angel with cardboard wings still batting around on the top of the tree. Sometimes we whack out the gold star but the angel is still going strong.

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

If I’m completely honest, I’ve never been crazy, wild nor extravagant which appears evident in my wish for the family fortunes dvd game since I was about 12… I still haven’t received it. Heartbreaking.

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

Now that I am a lot older, Christmas means so much more than just getting up to lots of presents. I am in love with giving out presents and preparing the pigs in blankets and making “Christmas Creamies” (baileys milkshakes) and decorating the house, and being all together as a family for probably the only time of the year. I also love when we’ve all eaten and we crash on the sofa with the fire on and a film, all finding it difficult to stay awake.


I worked on Christmas day last year and I honestly felt like I missed Christmas so I cannot explain how excited I am to finish work on Christmas Eve and completely get involved in everything Christmassy for ten whole days.


until then,



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28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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