Advent Calendars are out, Christmas songs are playing and every shop feels like Christmas heaven but at this time of year, I am a huge hot drinks fan. I feel like it’s probably the only time that I don’t feel guilty about adding cream to my coffee or having a hot chocolate and baileys every single day. But, there are so many amazing de-caff teas out there at the moment that I thought it would be lovely to get some new ones in that i don’t have to feel so guilty about. I can’t say it was too much of a chore cosying up with a few cuppa’s and a Christmas film.


Twining’s Gingerbread Chai Latte – 

OMG, this is basically Christmas in a cup. So good with warm milk. It’s definitely one for the gingerbread fans as the taste is lasting and the spices from the chai make it one for a cosy night in. Starbucks who?!


Twining’s Apple and Elderflower – 

I actually didn’t expect to like this cup as much as I did but the elderflower really gives it a good flavour. Definitely one for you if you are a fruit tea fan. Unfortunately, it’s not usually my go to but Twining’s did good.

Teapig’s Chocolate & Mint – 

Mint tea always remind me of a slimming tea phase during uni that resulted in my entire house getting ill (excuse the details) but this chocolate & mint tea actually went down really well. The mint is quite sweet and the chocolate helps tone down the mint a little if it’s not really your thing. So refreshing and still settles your chocolate craving. You can never go wrong with Mint Chocolate mind, especially at Christmas time. Hellooo After Eights.


Twining’s Cherry Bakewell – 

CAN I JUST SAY THAT THIS IS AMAZ? My absolute favourite of my tea haul, is the new Cherry Bakewell flavour from Twining’s. It is incredible. Something that flavoured tea can often disappoint on, is the lack of actual flavour and this cuppa does not disappoint and is spot on. You can taste the cherry, the pastry, the icing, the almonds… need I go on? I will be drinking this non-stop this month.

Twining’s Salted Caramel – 

I’ve actually been drinking this one for a little while but it’s definitely worth a mention as it’s salted caramel which is better than life itself (sorta). Sadly this one can lose it’s flavour after a few cups but the initial salty kick that you’d expect, is definitely there and is such a good alternative if you have a sugar craving that needs seeing to. Plus, this has the approval of a curious one year old baby, who loved it. So that’s basically sold.

If you’re not in your dressing gown, listening to Michael Buble, sipping on a cup of tea after this, then you should be sorry.

Until tomorrow,



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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  1. I bought a box of the Twining’s Salted Caramel tea the other day. I’ve been so nervous about trying it because it sounds so odd


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