Being in our twenties in the 21st century is a stress. We get out of University all blurry eye’d and hungover, unsure on what happened in the last three years and we are expected to find our career, travel the world, meet the perfect partner, get a house and our driving license, pay our bills, keep our social media pages updated as well as cleanse, tone and moisturise and I’ve gotta tell ya, I can’t keep up.

If I’m honest, come 6pm each evening I feel about 80 years old and that Friday Feeling? It’s just the feeling of me getting excited for a weekend of Netflix and chill. (and I mean that quite literally, sorry lads). I don’t know what I have become since graduating a year ago, but I’ve aged a fair bit, and I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only one. So behold, the ten signs that prove we are getting old –

Bill and debts become a reality and to do lists become our best friends – no more student loan or cheeky pocket money from the parents. We gotta pay for real life responsibilities and accept the consequences when the credit card debt men turns up at the door.

Nights in become so much more appealing – “Oh an invite to a sticky club where I have to wear heels and put my face on to then get vodka spilt all over me from some kid doing the shuffle? I think I’ll stick with a hot chocolate and my pjs tonight but thanks, maybe next week..”

It takes a huge amount of effort to attend events that do not necessarily need to be attended – “Yeah but what’s the occasion???”

Caffeine is essential before and after doing pretty much anything.

You get excited for things like babies and marriage even though you are single and probably dying alone – Here come the years where everyone on Facebook is getting engaged and having their second child and you’re still home reading books by Zoella. I’ll still spend four hours picking out my wedding dress online though.. you know, just in case.

We live vicariously through social media – Gone are the days where we are satisfied with a night hanging out down the park – that can’t be instagram’d

We finally understand the fascination with TV programmes like Grand Designs and Place In The Sun – Stick a bit of Countdown on and I am your girl.

You spend your money on home furniture, candles and cute pyjamas – Literally, sue me.

Buying people gifts becomes the best thing about Christmas – We spent years listening to everyone rambling on about Christmas being about what we can give and not what we receive and finally it all makes sense.

We get things like back pains and hangovers – I don’t know about you but a good few years ago, I could have stayed up for 48 hours and would still find energy to carry on drinking. Today, I am in bed after two glasses of baileys last night and have now joined the world of office life, where back pain is on everybody’s mind.

Maybe it isn’t as bad as they say… getting old, I mean. If the last year has had any say, then I welcome the rest of my twenties with open arms. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hang the washing out and put dinner on for the family.



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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