It’s me. Reporting from London, England. I’m home. I’M BLOODY HOME AND I COULD NOT BE MORE DEPRESSED ABOUT IT. Although I am excited about cosy nights in, the prospect of Christmas and it has been so so beautiful to be reunited with my best friends and my family, I am now unemployed. I have a panic attack every time I receive an email incase it is a job offer or an interview invitation and it has been super stressful having no money for the first time in a very long time. But, being home and being an organised freak, I have completely planned my blog back to life and I am looking forward to evolving and getting back down to it. That means, MORE CHATS, MORE CAKES, MORE TIPS ON HOW TO HAVE THE BEST END TO 2015 (cannot believe it’s bloody October, wtf?) 

I am incredibly sorry I’ve been so rubbish this summer. I hadn’t planned to be but had the most amazing trip and now that I am home and have an incredible amount of free time, I will be sure to tell you all about it (check back on Monday for a post about the best places to visit in Croatia) In the meantime, here are a few thoughts on the past two weeks and unemployment:

  1. Unemployment makes you crave work. I literally wake up at 8am, plan my day, give myself a lunch break and spend the rest of the time (if I’m not on Netflix) researching the world of work and adapting my CV three billion times a day.
  2. I really miss money. I am a materialistic bitch and I am so sorry about that. I like having nice things and going for dinner. I’ve craved Jamie’s Italian for the past three days and it breaks my heart to have had to let Jamie down.
  3. There is nothing left to watch on Netflix. SOMEONE PLZ GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WATCH. 
  4. Interviews are the scariest thing in the entire world. One interviewer asked me to sing … yes, SING. Safe to say I didn’t get the job.
  5. I still can’t drive but came so so close in my second test last week. Watch this space. 
  6. I just want cupcakes every minute of everyday. I am so excited to bake!
  7. It feels so good having English tea back in my life but being unemployed means I drink around 435875 cups a day. 
  8. Unemployment is absolute bliss for around 4 days. Every day after the fourth day I have spent reminiscing and thinking back to everything I did before I became unemployed.
  9. I look at photos of Croatia approx. 9843987 times a day. 
  10. Breakfast in bed is my new favourite thing.

Catch up with you beautiful people on Monday. It’s good to be back 🙂



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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