We have spent one month, two weeks and a day bathing in the sun in Croatia (although we did get a week of rain.. WTF Croats?!) and it is safe to say that the growing list of cravings from the land of our United Kingdom has grown. A lot. Travelling on a budget for any traveller is difficult but it can almost definitely be done. Resisting the temptation to eat out three times a day, particularly towards the end of your trip when you are poor is heartbreaking, especially when spending two-four hours a day talking about all of the British food that we are missing. Nonetheless, if you stock up on some hotdogs and super noodles then bobs your uncle for a cheap dinner. PS. tap water is drinkable in Croatia.. who knew?! I’m glad I’ve probably spent £100 on bottled water before discovering that water from the tap doesn’t lead to a day on the toilet… soz, too much information?

It has been a bloody good month. We have hiked, swam, drowned, laughed, cried, camped, squated and showered in the open air, slept in bug infested beds, spent too much time on beaches and had a lot of iced coffee, rum and £1 pizza. It’s safe to say that Croatia has been incredible. But with a month to go, I’m ready to start talking about those comforts at home. So here goes.

CUP OF TEA – don’t even get me started.

SWEET POTATO – apparently Croatians do not care about carb overloads.

SALT AND VINEGAR CRISPS – paprika crisps are good. but not that good.

SAUSAGE, MASH AND GRAVY – I cannot contain my excitement for a hearty British sausage.. and mash.

FISH AND CHIPPY – no, I don’t want my fish grilled. I want it deep fried and covered in salt please.

TAKEAWAY AND TV NIGHTS – being a traveller, ‘restless legs’ are a thing. If you spend the evening in or have an extra hour in bed, you’re letting the team down or yourself down and both are wasting time. I NEED a lazy night. and day. or week. with lots of Netflix and Chinese food.

A NICE BATH – i just wanna soak in my own dirt for an hour, alright?!

RESTAURANTS THAT DO NOT SELL JUST ‘PIZZA,PASTA,FISH + MEAT’ – I have absolutely no idea how restaurants abroad stay in business as they all sell the exact same thing.

VEGETABLES – 5 a day isn’t a thing here either, apparently.

LIVING OUT OF A WARDROBE – the first thing i’ll be doing when I arrive back in England is burn my rucksack and swear never to use one again.

MY BED – we’ve stayed in some good’uns and some real bad ones (blow up mattress and pillow is probably up there) but I do miss my double bed and duvet. and I absolutely despise air con at night.

It’s interesting to get talking to everyone in your hostel, finding out what they miss most about home and laughing about the traditions and cultures all around the world. I must say however, that we are all job-less, travelling the world, drinking 30p wine and spending our days getting sunburnt, so it’s not all bad…



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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