So many people have asked me why I decided to spend my summer in Croatia instead of doing a season in Ibiza or heading to Thailand.

Truthfully, Europe is in my budget and I love Europe, despite anywhere else being unknown to me. I’ve done the party thing; I spent three drunken years in Nottingham at University, without any real morals and I feel past it. I couldn’t think of anything worse at this point in my life than bar crawling every night and spending my nights abroad looking for a guy. I’m completely excited to meet new people but I am content with my friends, my headphones and my spacious single bunk-bed. I’m content with sightseeing and sunbathing and cocktails.


Nightlife is important and Croatia, more than any year before, is booming with tourists and parties and live music. It’s booming with history and good food and fellow backpackers but it isn’t quite as booming as Thailand. Thailand is slowly becoming the next Magaluf or local nightclub. The world and their dog is travelling miles for the full moon party to then tell the world that they are cultured and I’m not about spending thousands of pounds to dance on the beach. Beautiful beaches I imagine don’t get me wrong, but Croatia can do good.

 It’s my fourth day in Split Croatia, and already I am glad that this was our choice. Everyday we are finding more and more beauties and adding them to our list. We are finding cute hostels and restaurants and haven’t had to spend a crazy amount of money, even when booking excursions or having dinner out. Croatia is at its peak season and is constantly buzzing. The Diocletian Palace in the morning is filled with locals and all having coffee and strudels and come evening, the town is sat in the middle of the palace square listening to live music and drinking cocktails for as cheap as £4/4euro.

 Croatia feels safe and clean and lively and beautiful all at the same time. There are national parks and roman ruins and blue caves and ancient cathedrals and an alfresco bar all in one place. Variety that the main strip of Ibiza couldn’t give me.

 This is all very vague but there is book load full of things to do, some of which I’ll post next week. I am already in love with Croatia, and named as one of the top destinations of 2015, I’m assuming the rest of the world is falling in love with Croatia too.

 To find out more about Croatia, visit Lonely Planet hereeee which rightfully, has been our travel bible.

until next time,



Author: rheawarren

28. London. Lifestyle Blogger. Addicted to coffee and cakes. Occasionally read a book or two.

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