Time for me to pack up my bags and get out of England for 10 whole weeks. For the last couple of months, I have been picking up several items for my trip. Lots of clothes, lots of gadgets, a nice backpack but of course, we cannot forget the essentials. And so, this week I’ma take you through my very heavy and probably slightly impractical wash bag. Whether you’re going on holiday or not, you may as well be nosy.

Brace yourself friends, I’m not a light packer.


1. ogx nourishing coconut milk shampoo and conditioner – I looveeee the smell of coconut shampoos and this brand is no exception. Super summery and contains whipped egg whites which is a massive home treatment for your hair, especially when it’s had a bit too much chlorine. I got most of my mini bits from Superdrug as they always have a wicked 3 for 2 deal on travel items and these are nice and cute and don’t take up too much room.

2. the body shop mango shower gel – I am a body shop addict and I love the mango range. I must admit I have just finished my passionfruit shower gel which will be missed but this scent is really fresh and tropical. Just what you need to wake you up or get you ready for a night out.

3. next Antigua eu de parfum – For anyone that doesn’t have a huge budget for perfumes, Next is a go to high street shop that sells incredible perfumes. I usually use the just pink but thought for holiday, I’d give a new scent a go. Antigua is also quite tropical and really sweet and just smells like holiday. It comes in a handy 100ml bottle which is ideal for hand luggage and was only £15!

a couple of these I’ve included in previous best buy posts which of course means, I’ll be taking them away with me.

4. the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser – I have really noticed a difference in my skin since I’ve been using this moisturiser. I only really use it for my face but it is completely refreshing and smells incredible. It also comes in a 50ml pot so can fit in any nook and cranny which is perfect for travelling. love love love.

5. bio-oil – Bio-oil is and has been for as long as I can remember a classic product that everyone can rely on when their skin has had enough. I have a few burns (waitress problems) and it has really helped bring them down. It’s also a good’un on any scars or stretch marks that you want to keep under control when in your bikini.

6. st.ives fresh skin apricot scrub – This one was included in my superdrug buys and I’ve never actually given it a go before but I didn’t want to have to lug around some of my huge pots of exfoliator and this mini one will do the job when my face and shoulders are dry. It is 100% natural and smells pretty good too so that’s a bonus.

7. the body shop wild organ oil – I’ve really enjoyed using this product as a moisturiser especially when spending the day in the sun. It keeps me mositrised for a good amount of time and keeps my legs looking nice and shiny, which with a tan, will be so so good. Definitely a holiday product.


this lot is pretty self explanatory but it’s good to know some of the products you might need when backpacking.

8. colgate max white toothpaste and toothbrush holder – This is basically what it says it is on the tin. The toothpaste though is a really decent size for long holidays and you can’t go wrong with a toothbrush holder can you.

9. superdrug antibacterial hand gel and travel detergent – antibacterial hand gel when travelling is one of those things that will always get used when it’s kept in your day bag. You never know when you’re gonna feel gross. Also, travel detergent saves lives. I can get a good ten hand washes out of this 100ml bottle and is so much easier and cheaper than hunting down a laundrette. It surprisingly smells good too.

10. cotton soft baby wipes – I never really buy make up wipes when I’m going away. It’s so much more efficient to get a big pack of baby wipes that can be used for everything. Whether that’s taking off your mascara or wiping up a spilt bottle of iced tea…

11. buzz off extra strength insect repellent – I don’t like to be a bug hater, but if you are like me and have naturally fair skin, the bugs loveeeeee ya. I’m not having any of it this summer and so will be carrying this bad boy with me everywhere.

12. quickies nail varnish remover pads – I’ve been ‘umming and ah-ing’ about taking nail varnish and remover but decided to pick up a pot of handy pads for when I wanna top up my polish or change colour. The smell isn’t so pungent on these which is a deal breaker for me when it comes to nail varnish remover, especially when I may be whipping them out on a long train or in a hostel shared with 8 other people.


this one is easy peasy – MALIBU MALIBU MALIBU. all day. every day. So good. (and no, not just the drink..)

13. malibu lotion spray and aloe vera after sun gel – smells amazing, feels amazing and is long lasting. If I can help it, I don’t go for any other sun protection products during summer. The aloe vera gel is also just an amazing general moisturiser which is handy when you haven’t got a lot of room in your luggage for both.

14. malibu clear hair and scalp protector – I haven’t actually given this one a go and I’ve never seen hair protection like this before. It promises to keep my hair non-greasy and has the same pinacolada-ish scent like the rest of the malibu products. Hoping for good things and a non-burnt hair parting so we will see.

SO THAT’S IT. PHEW. I hope if you have made it to the end, you will have been reminded of something you forgot to add to your wash bag or you have just found out some of the things that I rely on when I go on holidaaaaay.


have a good sunday and I will see you in the week!



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